These recent acquisitions (I got them 2 for $1) are neat, and they’re in great shape – the Archives is a little loved, but the 2112 looks brand new. They’re also a little bit of a mystery.


Not that the Rush Archives or 2112 are a mystery. And surely no one cares about cassettes anymore. I just had to rescue them to a good home. They looked so… forlorn, sitting there…

Anyway, the mystery, as I see it, is that Discogs lists neither release. Oh, they list cassettes of both release, but not these particular ones (by catalog #).

The 2112 says Anthem 4AN-1-1004 on the spine, and 1976 Cat Productions Limited on the cassete itself. It does also say it was a Columbia House Canada release, on the back flap, as well as “Produced by RUSH and Terry Brown.” The inside of the card is blank. The cassette is standard black.

The Archives is #2 of a 2-cassette set (they didn’t have #1 or I’d have spent the $0.50 and got that one too). It says Anthem 4AN-3-1013 (Tape #2) on the spine, and “1975 Cat Prod. Ltd and 1978 Cat Prod. Ltd, published by Core Music Publishing”on the back flap and on the cassette itself. It also lists Anthem Records in Oak Ridges, ON’s mailing address on the back flap. One other neat feature is that the cassette itself is the same baby blue colour as the insert card/album cover.

I think these are cool finds! I doubt they have much worth, but they’re pretty cool curios to toss into the tape pile!

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