Series – The Radio: 92.3 The Dock

For today’s instalment in the Radio Series, I am listening for the same hour, 11am to 12pm, to 92.3 The Dock.

This is a bit of an odd one. They’re supposed to play music’s Greatest Hits all the time, but to me that’s a pretty nebulous term. Music has a lot of greatest hits, over the course of human history, and in a lot of genres, and surely they don’t play all of them?

So I’ll be curious to hear what it is they think are the Greatest Hits worthy of having their own radio station to play. My hope is that it’s a really eclectic amalgam of classical, big band, rock, punk, metal, country, jazz, pop, you name it. Not unlike my iPod on Random Play! The reality is likely to be a whole lot less interesting (almost guaranteed).

The Dock’s web site has big picture links for local news, upcoming events (such as this weekend’s Summerfolk festival), as well as the station’s Twitter, Facebook and announcer blog pages. OK then.

So it’s 11am, it’s 15C with winds W at 25.75 km/h. This site also gives far more info than the other stations’ sites (so far this week): It’s currently cloudy, with a forecast of rain showers. Today’s high is 17C, the low 10C. Humidity is 82, pressure is 1007.2 and something called Rising is 1. Whatever the hell that is. Visibility has a space but no entry. Also, Sunrise today was at 6:22 am, and sunset is expect to be at 8:32 pm. Whew!

Let’s get in there and give ‘er.

A song was already playing through 11am…

(mid-song) Gin Blossoms – Follow You Down
Harry Chapin – Cat’s In The Cradle

station id
Honeymoon Suite – Love Changes Everything

station id
Blondie – Heart Of Glass

station id
Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down

blather (Rick Ringer is the DJ)
commercials (5: cars, signs, gymnastics club, Tim Hortons, pizza)

station id
Elton John – Crocodile Rock

station id
Bryan Adams – One Night Love Affair

station id
Bruce Springsteen – My Hometown

commercials (4: ct scanners, cars, bruce telecom, a&w ms fundraiser)

station id
Spirit Of The West – Home For A Rest

station id
Bonnie Raitt – Something To Talk About

station id (short)
Billy Idol – White Wedding

blather (and ad for wiarton wednesday sale)
commercials (4: autobody shop, home renos, office furniture, impaired boating arrive alive)

station id
Jeff Healey Band – Stuck In The Middle

station id
Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill

It’s now 12pm and we’re done the hour. Time for news. It’s still 15C, high of 17C, low raised to 11C. Winds are W at 20.92 km/h, cloudy with forecast of rain removed. Humidity still 82, pressure now 1008.6, Rising 1.

Here’s what we got:

3 times the DJ talked (included station id)
11 station IDs
13 commercials
13 songs

In sum:

It was what I figured, their idea of Greatest Hits is so middle of the road, play-it-safe the mind actually boggles. Ah well, it could have been worse. Much, much worse.

I enjoyed the Gin Blossoms, Spirit Of The West, Jeff Healey, and the Honeymoon Suite was a real throwback (Deke was just talking about them on his blog). I remember buying that tape on a class trip to Ottawa in grade school.

14 station IDS, and 13 commercials, but the DJ was pretty good, didn’t ramble on stupidly just to fill air time. Thank goodness.

Will I tune in again? Unlikely. Unless I’m bored. I have most of these songs on my iPod anyway.

Another hour of radio survived. You could say I only have two more days left, but I’d say I still have two days yet to go. It’s an important distinction. I’m gonna need some sort of medal, if I survive this whole week.


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  1. As I sit here enjoying The Band, and Marko’s tributes to Robin Williams, I just feel bad you don’t live here.


    • Well, I guess. But I have the Band here (on LP and CD – and hence in the iPod), and I can pretty much do without the tributes. I know he died. It’s sad. The rest is repetition.

      As for living in your town, that’d be alright. Resonance there – I was born there, used to live there… But we also have a pretty sweet set-up here. I don’t know that we could get anywhere near this much house in your town for the same money. So unless something happens to my lovely wife’s job, I can’t see us uprooting any time soon. It’s still in my mind to come down some Saturday and just hang out, though. But first: TARANNA.


  2. Oooooo now Marko is reviewing the Kiss/Leppard show last night. I forgot about that! All with the “fast” version of God of Thunder underneath. This is awesome.


  3. I’m not trying to convert anyone. Just offering my opinion if radio, which is a positive one. I was going to say he’s playing the new Slash now. Which is a KILLER track. But if you don’t want to hear about it that’s fine. I don’t have to share.


    • My mistake then, I guess, for assuming that all these posts about how much you like it was some sort of you versus me thing. Of course you can have your own opinion on the matter. As can I. This series has been instructive. When this week is over, I am unlikely to play the radio again. Chaçun sôn gôut.


  4. What a hodge podge of music… someone must have had a Columbia records disc of the Gin Blossoms kicking around the station..hey throw this one on!
    Haha….to be honest with u I love the fact that your posting weather updates,that shit is cracking me up!
    Honeymoon Suite is getting some good coverage these last few days…


    • I think there’s a push/pull at that station, like they wanna be the station that plays a wider range of stuff, but they also need to appeal to as many people as possible or no one would listen. Voila. Hodge-podge.

      Gin Blossoms! I still like those guys. I have most of their records here.

      I’m glad you like the weather reports. Honestly, I am doing this in real-time so I am sitting through every song and it only takes about 3 seconds of each three minute song to type in the artist and song title, so I get bored, and then I start adding details I see on the rest of the web site…

      Honeymoon Suite, man. Hey what’s your opinion on Monsters Under The Bed? Was it over for them, by then? Was Big Prize the end?


  5. Monsters Under The Bed I thought was their most solid release in my mind followed by Racing After Midnight.
    The first two were good but it seemed like with each release they got better….but yeah Monsters was a good rock record..The Road was a well crafted tune,too bad grunge wiped out any chance for that record….


    • Their most solid release, of them all? Wow! That’s high praise. I really liked Racing After Midnight. It’s another of those formative records for me. I think I have a couple of their records on vinyl (Big Prize, for sure), here, but my list doesn’t show them. Man I need to do an update.


  6. I will be blabbing on about the two headline shows I seen em do here in Tbay back in 86 and 88…..gotta refresh my noggin plus I already got 4 show reviews waiting……1 Canadian act/3 American acts……
    Man this so much fun……I’m a blogging addict…..
    Thanks buddy … wife is even following me on this,I told her there’s a great bunch of guys out there….hahaha


    • Damn man, you’re rocking the content! Addict, haha. I think you were just a blogger waiting to happen. It’s awesome! I’m glad you enjoy it, it’s fun, for the most part. Indeed there is a solid bunch of folks out there.


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