Gettin’ Yer Workout On

I like to run. Not long distances, but there’s something refreshing about getting out there and covering 3km in a little under 15 minutes. [And by giving a distance and a time that I can manage, REAL runners everywhere laugh at my slow-moving ass].

I know running is not for everybody, but I find it enjoyable and every time I finish a run, especially when I feel like I could go and do it again straight away, I know I still have the measure of this body I’ve been given.

When I run, I have to have music on. I have a cheapo MP3 player used solely for this purpose. It has no screen, just Play, track up/down, and volume up/down. Ain’t gotta be fancy.

Usually, I listen to Rollins. He’s a great motivator, and those albums hit HARD. They make me push myself harder. ROLLINS!

This week, I was rooting around online and found this list on It contains songs suggested by various workout people and personal trainers as great motivator tracks. They called it “The 20 Most Intense Workout Songs (You Might Not Know).”

Here’s the list:

Guns N’ Roses – Welcome To The Jungle
Tiesto (f. Busta Rhymes) – C’mon (Catch ‘Em By Surprise)
Stone Temple Pilots – Down
Travis Barker, RZA, Raekwon, and Tom Morello – Carry It
Metallica – Enter Sandman
Audioslave – Cochise
Rollins Band – Are You Ready?
Eminem – Mosh
Van Halen – Hot For Teacher
Linkin Park – No More Sorrow
Public Enemy – Lost At Birth
Pantera – Mouth For War
Army Of The Pharaohs – Spaz Out
Coheed And Cambria – Welcome Home
AC/DC – Hell’s Bells
Disturbed – Down With The Sickness
Eminem – Til I Collapse
Kanye West – Power
Rob Zombie – Electrichead Part 1
50 Cent and Eminem – You Don’t Know

My thoughts:

For several of these songs (Coheed And Cambria, Tiesto) I know the names of the band but I have never heard their music. I had to look up the Army Of The Pharaohs to even know who it is. So I guess the article’s title was accurate to some degree! But c’mon, who doesn’t know (for example) the G n’ R or Metallica songs?

Also, ROLLINS! There’s no mention that the song they chose for this list is a Thin Lizzy cover, though. And it seems like Eminem is big amongst workout people, eh?

Recently I mentioned that my player was loaded up with old school hip hop. That was a lark, and not my usual fare. I was happy to see Pantera in this list, though. Actually, it has a lot of the rawk. Cool.

In sum:

My own perfect workout disc is an entire album: Rollins Band – The Only Way To Know For Sure, a 2CD live set. You wanna get pumped up? That record will kick you in the ass. Hard. It lets you know that you are mortal and you have a shit-ton of work to do if you want to get it done in any way even close to the way they got it done that night. DAMN!

But I don’t think I’ve ever tried making a targeted “perfect” workout mix. And I think I must! So, I HAVE A NEW PROJECT! Anyone wanna help? What are your biggest songs that get you pumped up? Drop your favourite motivation tracks into the comments [and if you have a favourite mix you’ve made, let us know all the tracks!]. Let’s see if we can build a KMA-Approved workout mix!

NB. Anybody who mentions Survivor’s Eye Of The Tiger is gonna get raspberried. 😉 Dio’s Stand Up And Shout is definitely a contender, if you ask me.

Alright folks, let’s GIVE ‘ER!


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  1. Okay, this is gunna make you rotflyao…

    My iPod touch has a playlist called “workout”, but it’s very sparse, and the music on it is SSSOOOO not workout material. Some of it is, but I am looking at this thing thinking OMG razzie candidate over here…
    The first bit is def workout material…

    O.P.P. – Naughty By Nature
    Ace of Spades \m/\m/
    Wanna Be starting somethin’ – MJ
    Bad – MJ
    Master of Puppets
    Seek & Distroy

    And here’s the weirdness…
    My Ever Changing Moods – Style Council (Paul Weller fucking rocks my world, but this song isn’t a workout song…)
    When the Weight Comes Down – the Hip
    Another Midnight – The Hip
    Three Pistols – the Hip (again…okay this is getting lazy here)

    Then I have John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers…
    Steppin’ Out and Hideaway. Great songs, but again, what?

    To conclude, I have no recollection of when this list was created…Usually I use the main player on my iTouch and skip what I don’t feel like listening to.


    • Not much weird there! Your saying that reminded me that, when we used to live at our old house and I would run out the trail that used to be the old railroad tracks, and I had my player loaded to the gills with all of the Hip albums. It was great! I even took all the track numbering off so they went in alphabetically, giving me a cool mix. Damn, you’re making me think I should do that again!

      Lots of good rawk there, and the blues is good too. Even the MJ, though I’ve never been a fan even as a kid, has a beat (beat…it?). And that’s the whole point. Get that heart rate up and keep it there. Power you through to the end of the run!

      I remember Rollins one time saying he listens to power love ballads when he works out. Why? Because he got great power from lifting while thinking “how could you leave me you BITCH?!” etc. Haha. He may have been kidding, but then again with him you never know. I would believe him on the working out aspect, though. We saw him live, him shirtless, and he looked like he could rip my arms off and beat me with them.

      I need more Paul Weller in my life. Currently, I have… none. Oversiiiiiiight!

      Thanks so much for chiming in with all this! Ace f Spades is definitely going on the final list. Oh baby. I know it would’ve been a pain in the ass to type it all in, just for commenting on our little blog! Cheers!


  2. “Love Man” by Otis Redding, “Do You Love Me” by The Contours, “Wipeout” by The Surfaris and “Sexx Laws” by Beck. Way off in left field from the tracks in the list you mentioned, but they always pump me up!


    • These are all awesome! Man, my Mom had the Surfaris’ Wipeout on her jukebox when we were kids. And no worries, left field stuff is great! Exercise is all about psychology – getting yourself pumped up and motivated to getting out there and frickin’ doing it! Any songs that help people get there is great by me! One question, though, isn’t 4 songs a bit of a short workout? 😉

      Thanks Becky!


      • Gotta love the oldies! Your mom had her own jukebox?!

        Those are the four that I can remember from my old workout mix. Hey – not all of us can run 3 km in 15 minutes 😉
        (Seriously though, good on you. I can’t run for more than a minute at a time.)


        • She sure did have an old Rock-Ola jukebox, it’s what we heard through our formative years. Lots of Elvis, Beatles, Buddy Holly, Beach Boys. She sold the machine years ago, but she kept the records. They’re my inheiritance.

          Wel,, I don’t know whether that’s a good time or not, but thanks! It’s just a comfortable and steady pace and away I go and I always come in just below the 15. Like I said, I imagine real runners would laugh. I Googled it and some say 12 minutes. Some even claim to break 10. I believe it. In winter, when I run inside at the gym, I get lapped by people who don’t even seem to be touching the ground as they zip by. Meanwhile, there’s me plodding along…

          So I say run for a minute and stop. Next day, go 1.5 minutes. Never mind distance. Then, around 5 minutes built up, run five and walk for 1. Then run 6 and walk for 1. At 10 minutes, run ten and walk for 2. 11, walk for 2. Etc. You’ll be running 15 without stopping, no walking, before you know it. The trick is not talking yourself out of doing it. It’s so easy to bail. Don’t. The rest is just repetition et voila!


        • Haha sorry, that last bit was on the assumption that you’d actually WANT to run. 😉


          • That’s awesome. My dad had a stereo system (a vinyl player/radio combo) with speakers the size of night tables.

            Running intimidates me but is appealing at the same time, so that’s actually very helpful advice!


            • Oh man I remember the days when people thought the bigger the speakers, the better!

              Running is intimidating, at first. I’m not gonna lie. It hurts. You ache in places you didn’t even know you had. It’s hard to breathe properly. It is SO easy to give up, think it’s just not for you or that it’s somehow easier for other people. It’s just practice, and whatever goal you have in mind. The only thing stopping anybody from taking up jogging is something medical, where a doctor, when consulted, says don’t do it. But if it’s just inability to get off the couch, well… depends how badly it’s wanted, you know? Because the positives are huge. I feel like I walk a bit taller, breathe easier. Stronger. I played basketball all through high school and then went for a few years with nothing like that, just a little weight training, no cardio per se. So I essentially had to start over. And it did suck. Oh boy did it ever. But now, I can do what I do and I’m good with that. I’m not planning any marathons, but one never knows.

              Come to think of it, that’s another thing that’s out there that’s a great motivator – running groups. Our local shoe store has one, they all meet up and run together. I’m sure they’re easy to find just about everywhere. People of like capabilities keep together and you motivate each other. Great way to meet people, great way to stay at it. Just a thought.

              Also, I might amend my previous advice just a bit. I was thinking about the starting, going out and just running for 1 minute and then stopping. Heck, it takes longer to get your gear and shoes on. Kind of silly. So maybe set a goal, for example, of 7 minutes. Do one minute of each: walk-run-walk-run-walk-run-walk. The first walk is warm up, the last is cool down. Build up from there, adding until you can comfortably run for two minutes/walk one, each interval. Then three/one, four/one, etc. Before long you won’t even need the in-between walks.

              And stretch. Oh MAN. Stretch!! So many people get hurt by being too much in a hurry to stretch. I was one of them. But I broke my foot last fall (playing basketball), and the physio taught me the importance of patient, complete stretching before and after a run. It takes about three minutes, but what a difference!

              And that’s probably more than you cared to hear about running on a music blog! If you go for it, good luck! And no matter what, have fun. And when we get enough tracks from commenters to this post, you’ll have a KICK-ASS playlist for your player!


              • I’m all for big speakers. They were on to something.

                I had a brief jogging stint when I was in high school and another blink-and-you’ll-miss-it running escapade about six years ago. Lately I’ve been toying with giving it another go but haven’t quite talked myself into it. I’m afraid of vomiting in someone’s front yard!

                You’re right, though. Start with whatever is manageable and keep building on that. I’ve seen running groups while out walking…something to aspire to, at this point. Again, thanks for the advice 🙂

                I’ll check back for the playlist!


                • If you barf on somebody’s lawn, you’re pushing yourself too hard too early. I’ll bet if you talk with the place who organizes the running groups, they’d be thrilled to have you starting out fresh with them, and have all kids of advice and encouragement. Give ‘er!!


  3. I never listen to music when I exercise but if I was it would be Survivor’s Burning Heart and Cov the Guv’s Last Note of Freedom on a loop. For maximum training-montage…ness.


  4. Running + Music + an interactive challenge = you win the morning post!

    I shall ponder over the day – TTH’s trickle down comes to mind (the line “20 miles before the crash that’s your style for a while and man I think it’s gonna last”) and although it’s been covered dozens of times, there’s something about the simple guitar lead in Bowie’s Heroes that I find uplifting on a run!


    • Hey, thanks! We do try to provide only the very best content over here at the KMA, of course. 😉

      Lots of Tragically Hip love, in these comments so far – I fully approve!

      Good call on the Bowie. I would put that early in, as you’re getting started, or later on, as a wind-down. A bookmark track for faster stuff. Good one!


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