Spirit Of The West In Concert

I was thinking more about John Mann, his sad news, and what a shame it was that I never got to see Spirit Of The West in concert. Surely they came around all the time (they’ve been playing since 1983 so I’d have had plenty of opportunities), so why didn’t I go? I like their music, and over the years have owned several of their albums. Actually, there’s a 2CD collection out there I’d like to get…

But on further reflection, I was pleased to recall that I actually DID get to see them in concert!

In 1996, we went to a three-day festival of 90s rock called Edenfest, at the race track in Lindsay. We saw close to 30 bands in those three days, and I do now recall that SotW played a set. The only thing I remember about it was that I really enjoyed it, as much as I enjoyed a lot of the other bands we saw. They would only have played for 40-45 minutes, as all bands who did daytime sets did (night slots got longer), so chances are good that it was a Hits set. Can I remember specific songs? Nope. Googling for a setlist yielded no results.

I don’t mean it as an aspersion that I can’t recall everything they played that day, or even on what day, or who played before or after them. I chalk all of these gaps up to a vague memory from 18 years ago, at an event where they were definitely not the only band we saw play. Still, I did get to see them! Yay!


Wiki to the rescue! There’s actually a Wiki page for that festival, which lists the bands! SotW played on the Friday, and the band list on the main stage that day looked like this:

Spirit Of The West
The Nixons
Seven Mary Three
Bush X
The Cure

I really don’t recall seeing Lustre or The Nixons (though I enjoyed their record Foma, at the time). Maybe we were wandering the festival grounds or over at the second stage. But I do recall seeing all those other bands that day! Wahoo! Thanks, Wiki!

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