Commonwealth Mystery CD

Every once in a while, I’ll make a CD for my lovely wife to listen to on her commute to work, an hour each way. She often listens to books on CD (signed out from the library), or morning talk shows on the CBC, but she enjoys when I make a music CD too. I am de facto DJ around here. She likes most of what I share, so she happily just lets me have control. Ah wedded bliss.

Of course, being me, it’s never just a normal CD. I’ll talk on them, between songs, tell stories and share music trivia I know she must surely care about as much as I do. And many times, I have only ever marked it Mystery CD, with the day’s date, so that she has to listen to find out what I’ve done. Those mystery CDs can be an album, and then it’s a game of Name That Band. Or they’re a mix, and it’s Name The Theme.  She has a whole case of these CDs in the car, over the years.

See how much I love her? She’s a lucky lady.

Yesterday, I made her a CD for the car and put it with her purse for this morning’s drive. All I wrote on the front was Commonwealth. Savvy KMA Readers will already know it was the (completely superb) new Sloan CD.

Later in the day, we were texting, and I asked what she thought about the CD. She said she really liked it. Who was it? She couldn’t guess.

Oh dear.

Understand, a lot of Sloan gets played in this house. She surely knows these guys, even as a passive listener over the years, better than some of their fans do. I was quite surprised she couldn’t figure it out.

When she got home tonight, I asked her how she hadn’t know it was Sloan. She said it certainly sounded Beatles, and then a bit later there were those songs that were “jangly and metal sounding like you [I] like.” She then said she didn’t think I’d give her Sloan, I’d choose “something more obscure instead.”

So, she’d convinced herself it wasn’t Sloan but then was at a loss as to whom it could be. She was laughing at herself, because if she’d just read the front of the CD, she’d have known for sure it was them.

Apparently, they’re not as recognizable to her as I’d thought. I’ll have to work on that. I also don’t know if this is a comment on the Commonwealth album itself, or if she hasn’t actually been paying attention all these years. Or maybe she’s just exhausted and not really up for a guessing game today. My vote would be for the latter, as (to me) that album is completely recognizeable as them, and I would doubt she hasn’t been paying attention. She’s a very attentive person.

So, tomorrow, she’s going to rock it again, but this time with the knowledge for sure that it’s Sloan. I’ll get her review of it tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Commonwealth Mystery CD

  1. Deke says:

    For sure. Hey Man U gotta do what you gotta do for your family and not worry about keeping up with the Jones’ of the world! Especially this day and age were only a one vehicle family as well. We get by but it can be tight but we’ve been doing this almost 19 hrs now. You do what U can do! My wife drops me off at work and after I get off at 330 pm it takes me exactly a half a hour to walk to her work which is good for me cuz I can rock the iPod and get a walk in! The only time I don’t do the walk is when it’s -50 out!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Oh man, screw the Jonses. I’ve got enough punk in me to raise a middle finger whenever anyone starts rabbiting on about their marble countertops like they’re somehow superior to me. Haha sit and spin, baby, yeah!

      One car family, with that many kids, all going in different directions. Dude, you are a frickin’ saint!

      Yup, walking is a great way to rock the iPod. Better than me going for a run, you don’t have to listen to yourself heavy breathing over the music! Hahaha

      We bottom out about -30C down here in the south, so we’re just a buncha whiny wimps around here. But we do get a metric shiat-ton of snow here, on the shores of the Bay, and so while we may not be as cold as you guys get, we’re diggin out to find daylight often enough! I do remember the -50C days though, out in Saskatoon. Sure does let you know you’re alive!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah, and that’s all highway driving. I know that people who live in Toronto can be in their cars for that same hour and not travel near the distance, thanks to traffic. But yeah, the highway she takes goes right along Georgian Bay so, in the winter time you can imagine (being a TBay boy) what sorta shite weather she negotiates to get to and from work.

      And she’s been doing that drive for 9 years. It’ll be ten years next May 24.

      Why don’t we live in the town where she works? Several reasons. We can’t afford a house, not anything like the one we have here, in that town. The price differences between comparable housing here and there would be boggling. You see, retirees from Toronto, nostalgic for their cottage days and the gateway to cottage country move up here and think “heh, $300,000 for a house is CHEAP, given that we got over $500,000 for our house when we finally sold in the city.” Yeah great, thanks, the rest of us cannot keep up, especially since before you yahoos showed up that was definitely not a $300k house! But if you’ll pay it, they’ll charge it! Thanks for artificially driving up the prices on the locals. Another reason is that she works in mental health, and she’s not so keen on running into clients down at the grocery store, ya know? Nice to have a bit of separation between work and home life.

      So, we got a reliable car that sips gas, and she drives. And it has worked for us, so far. It’s not ideal, but we manage. And she knows that highway really, really well.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Haha Deke, nope. She wouldn’t have even known about that (she doesn’t read these pages).

      I can always tell when it’s something she doesn’t like – if we’re in the car together, she just tunes out. If it’s a CD I’ve made her for her commute and she doesn’t like it, she’ll tell me (nicely) it wasn’t her thing.

      I was a bit baffled by her not being sure this was Sloan. She’d thought it was, but then talked herself out of it in thinking I’d gone for something more obscure. Ah well. She’ll get another earful of it tomorrow!


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