Hurt Process – A Heartbeat Behind

We were away this weekend at our hometown fall fair. I owe you a couple of posts, to keep up with my (minimum) one per day since January 1, 2014 schedule, so get ready for lots of KMA content today!

I didn’t know anything about this band, but I bought the CD for $2 just to try it out.

It has metal leanings, or is at least an homage to metal. A lot of it could’ve been nu-metal… Is this emo? Wiki calls it “hardcore/metalcore,” whatever the hell that is. I don’t know much about this stuff, except I know what I like (and I think I know when this aggressive style of thing is done really well) and this really wasn’t it. Besides, all that labelling sounds like fighting over scraps and stupid terminology to be different from all the other same-looking penguins, to me.

The faux growl vocals paired with normal voice singing is tiresome. Is it Screamo? I just don’t know. Maybe? And maybe not, because it also has pop-punk moments too, as though it now really can’t decide which genre it wants to be. Not that a band needs to be pigeon-holed, this just sounds jumbled and confused. I can tell when a band is experimenting because it wants to do so, and this wasn’t it.

There’s no need to go song by song. It all sounded fairly the same, to me. It wasn’t grabbing me at all. I couldn’t understand any of the screamed lyrics, so whatever they’re angry about, I can’t identify with it.

This might have made more sense if I was 16, full of angst and thought that no one understood me. In my life right now, it wasn’t all that interesting.

4 thoughts on “Hurt Process – A Heartbeat Behind

  1. Deke says:

    Welcome Back Kotter!
    Sounds like this isn’t worth the $2 but sometimes these can be viewed as low gambles high reward!
    Not this time though….
    If anything the name is kinda cool!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks Deke! The fall fair was… riveting.

      You’ve succinctly hit the nail right on the head. A $2 gamble on a band, whose artwork and name looked like it might be cool, that did not pan out.

      In my quest for brevity, you could be my guru. Teach me, Obi Wan!


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