Tragically Hip – Day For Night (2CD Edition)

Through the comments with Deke on my Fully Completely dilemma (which one should I buy?) yesterday, I was reminded that, somewhere in my collection, I have a different version of Day For Night. It’s a 2CD set, a 1994 release same as the original album. CD1 is the Audio Portion, and CD2 is the Enhanced Portion. This sits alongside my regular 1CD version. Yes, I own two copies. It’s OK, I’m a BIG FAN! 😉  Now, as for this 2CD set…

CD1 is just the album, same as all the others released in 1994. It’s not a remaster, as far as I can tell, at least there’s nothing to indicate such in the booklet.

CD2 is the Enhanced Portion, and the system requirements for running this are like a time capsule.* The disc is something called a HyperCD, which is supposed to automatically launch the content. On my up-to-date iMac, it did not do this. It demands that I install Netscape, Quicktime (which I already have, but the version it wants is so old it’d have dinosaur shit on it) in order to run. It’s so old, though, it won’t even work. My Mac just refuses. I have no interest in trying further to put this crap on my Mac. So I’m gonna go over to my lovely wife’s Winblows 8 laptop, see if it will work there…

Nope. It found a compatibility issue with 64-bit versions of Windows, which must mean this is a 32-bit. Anybody else remember FAT32? Oh man.

OK, so I refuse to muck up my Mac with whatever ancient thing this disc wants to try to install, and my wife’s laptop won’t even read the disc because it says it’s too old.

iTunes on my Mac doesn’t even acknowledge that there’s a disc in the drive, so there’s no audio content on the disc that iTunes recognizes. Unhelpfuly, there’s nothing in the booklet to indicate what is on the Enhanced CD.

To the internets for info about what’s even on there!

First hit from Google is HMV, which lists the CD (and only $10!) but an availability search with their largest possible radius of 5000km (all of Canada!) returned no copies. However, it does indicate, in its blurb, that it “contains regual (sic – they mean regular) audio tracks (which must mean CD1) as well as multimedia computer files, including videos for the songs “Grace, Too”, “Greasy Jungle,” “Nautical Disaster,” and “Thugs.”

Well, if those videos are what’s there, that made this is a really sweet package. In 1994 (damn, this album is 20 years old!!). Now, though, I can get all 4 of those videos for free on Youtube. I also own the Hip’s boxed set, Hipeponymous, where 1 of its 4 discs contains all of their previous videos. But the word “including” there makes me wonder if there’s anything else on the disc. It doesn’t say for sure there is, but it also doesn’t say there isn’t. I guess I’ll never know, unless more info turns up elsewhere.

So. This is a neat curio, if nothing else. I have no idea as to its value, as Discogs doesn’t even list it as a release, and Googling it doesn’t turn up much of use. It’s Universal 0121535592, if that helps anyone else looking further into this release.

Whatever the case, Day For Night is a beautiful record, long live the Tragically Hip!



Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
Quicktime 3.0
(they included Netscape Navigator 4.08 and Quicktime 3.0 on the disc).

PowerPC 166 MHz Mac or Mac compatible running Mac OS 7.5.3 or later.
14.4 kbps modem or faster
monitor with a minimum setting of thousands of colours and 640×480 screen resolution
a minimum of 16 MB of available memory, 32 MB recommended
4x or faster multi-session enabled CD-ROM drive

It mentions that after you’ve installed all that it needs and rebooted, it will automatically initiate the dial-up to my local ISP. Yes, you read that correctly. DIAL-UP!

23 thoughts on “Tragically Hip – Day For Night (2CD Edition)

  1. Deke says:

    It’s cool to read stuff like this Aaron in regards to DFN being a double and me buying it at midnight when it was released back in 94 and now here we are 20 yrs later and it’s like crap I had no idea it existed until last night!
    Good job bro!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Oh man, I stood in line at midnight for that record too! Parallel lives! I only happened on this double by chance, otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it either. But I’m glad I could share and edu-ma-cate you on this little bit of Hip ephemera!


  2. mikeladano says:

    Sometimes it’s absolutely hilarious, what you have to go through to get these “interactive” discs to work right. I never really liked them myself.

    This was quite the collectible back in the day when people used these! I never saw too many. Just a handful over the years.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Oh I know. I got to feeling like if I stood on one foot and held my tongue just right it would achieve dial up connection… Yeesh.

      If you only saw a few, are they rare. Does it have any value, or is Sarca right and it’s basically a coaster? I’d lean towards the former, but what do I know?


        1. keepsmealive says:

          For perspective’s sake, that store’s online site has the regular album for $5.99, which means in-store it’d be $4.99. So… $6.99/$7.99 (online)? I’d buy that.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I know, right? Heh here’s a better one. My best buddy had a Commodore 64. Yep, 64KB. Kilobytes. And we were all SO amazed when I got my first computer, the Amiga 500. Oh man, 500KB was a monster! Of course, you never got the whole 500KB, because you had to load in the WorkBench before you could run anything, and that took about 200KB of it. When I typed up my essays for last year of high school, it took 6 floppy discs to save a 6-page essay.

      Oh the stories we can tell our kids when they get older.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sarca says:

        Kevin has a Commodore 64 – his dad had it stored away in their shed. He has had an issue with it. It’s missing some sort of battery in the keyboard.

        I had an Amiga! I was still using it to write my essays in uni. Word Perfect!


        1. keepsmealive says:

          Can he even get the parts for those things anymore?

          Man that Amiga was the shit. Word Perfect for sure. I even had a car racing game and golf. Total Cadillac, man.


            1. keepsmealive says:

              Huh. I would’ve guessed Japan. Well, So. Korea it is!

              Man, we really thought we were the cool kids, with that Amiga. But you know, for the longest time, those monitors were the best thing anywhere for resolution and graphics.


  3. Sarca says:

    Of course it wouldn’t work on your Abblows computer (…just kidding! I have no dog in this fight.)
    So likely when that CD was released, Win 3.1 was the OS – that’s some long-ass time ago! I was gonna suggest you play the disc in compatibility mode, but likely it is too damn old to play on anything. Coaster time!
    Likely it’s something lame. I know, it’s the Hip – how can it be? Please, think about this. 1994, and the internet and multimedia were new fangled to the general public. Remember Angelfire? Yeah. Likely it had a tacky interface with a link you clicked to the web to their website which was probably crude and ugly.

    I suspect as such because my namesake (and properly-spelled!) Sarah McLachlan did something similar with Surfacing in1997, and that was a little lame, so I can only imagine…I wouldn’t lose too much energy on it.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah, neither the Winblows nor the Mac would deal with this antique. I’m keeping it just ‘cos it’s the Hip. Who knows, maybe one day it’ll be worth something to crazy collectors for the sheer oddity of it!

      Never fear, no more energy lost. But I did try!


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