Aerosmith – Greatest Hits

The one with the red cover… This one almost doesn’t need it’s own post. You own it, you know it, you love it. You’ve probably got all the albums in fancy-pants versions. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, writing about this one.

What we have here are ten pure classics. Each track is sheer bliss, couldn’t be done better. I love this disc. Now, my current copy is just the basic version. I know there is another versions out there with more tracks, and when we are in Taranna, that one is high up in my list of must-gets. Actually, I think there’s probably several versions. Mike, remind me to look!

Pop this in and let it rip. Realise just how awesome this band’s early years were. Use this disc to whet your appetite for more. Much, much more.

One parting thought, and this is not casting aspersions either way, but does anyone else find that Last Child sounds a lot like David Bowie’s Fame? Or is that just me?

Aw nevermind. Just turn it the fuck up and let’s JAM!

6 thoughts on “Aerosmith – Greatest Hits

  1. mikeladano says:

    Got the cassette off Columbia House and how have two copies of the CD. The original that came with Box of Fire (weird that they’d include a “greatest hits” in a box set of albums, but it did have a new song). I also have the 73-93 or whatever it’s called.


        1. keepsmealive says:

          Two hits sets in a boxed set. TRIFECTA!

          Basically I just want the red covered set with the most songs possible. I think. There are so many Hits sets from them, it’s likely impossible to know.

          You know, I think I have that cassette downstairs. I haven’t looked in my box of tapes in a long time, but I intend to update my WOM list eventually.


  2. Deke says:

    One of my very first Greatest Hits purchases back in the day. I think it have been the third Aero album I ever owned…..
    Back than(1981)when bands weren’t whoring out Greatest Hits comps like they are now!

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