List Of LPs From Craig

Scott said it would be interesting to throw up the list of all these LPs that Craig gave me, and I agree! There’s a ton of stuff here. Lots of classic rock, 80s… I surely don’t know all of it, but many things I did know and I can’t wait to spin them all.

If my count is correct, there are 173 records here (171 x LP, 2 x 7”), some of them doubles (which I just counted as one)! Many of them are in just fine shape. Not exactly pristine, but loved copies from a collection, just some shelf wear, etc. I’ll know more, as I go through them, about the shape of the actual vinyls. The few I looked at were beautiful, though.

Hey Deke! If you thought my listening range was eclectic before, wait til you get a load of some of these that are now in the listening queue!

alan parsons project – vulture culture
ananta – night and daydream
audience – in the house on the hill
audience – lunch
auger, brian and julie tippets – encore
auger’s, brian oblivion express – straight ahead

babe ruth – kid’s stuff (2 copies)
babe ruth – babe ruth
babe ruth – stealin’ home
baldry, long john – it ain’t easy
baldry, long john – good to be alive
beatles – magical mystery tour
be bop deluxe – the best of the rest of be bop deluxe [2lp]
be bop deluxe – drastic plastic
berlin – pleasure victim
big country – the crossing
big country – the seer
big country – steeltown
black oak arkansas – high on the hog
black, stanley – overture (london philharmonic orchestra)
bloomfield, mike, al kooper, steve stills – super session (my 2nd copy)
booker t. and the mg.s – up tight omps
buchanan, roy – in the beginning
burdon, eric and the animals – the best of eric burdon and the animals vol. ii
byrds – byrds

california, randy – kapt. kopter and the (fabulous) twirly birds
capaldi, jim – oh how we danced
captain beyond – sufficiently breathless
captain beyond – captain beyond
chicago – chicago [2lp]
chicago – chicago iii [2lp]
chieftans – boil the breakfast early
china crisis – flaunt the imperfection [incl. 7”, ltd. to 15,000]
clannad – macalla
climax blues band – shine on
climax blues band – sense of direction
climax blues band – climax blues band
climax blues band – rich man
climax blues band – tightly knit
coltrane, chi – road to tomorrow (2 copies)
cream – live cream volume ii
curved air – live
curved air – air cut

dark room – san paku
deodato – prelude
derringer, rick – all american boy
doug and the slugs – music for the hard of thinking

electric light orchestra – eldorado: a symphony by the elo
eurogliders – this island

faithfull, marianne – dangerous acquaintances
faithfull, marianne – a child’s adventure
face to face – face to face (1984, not the punk band)
ferguson, jay – thunder island
flash and the pan – flash and the pan
fleetwood mac – kiln house
flock, the – dinosaur swamps
focus – moving waves
free – fire and water

geldof – deep in the heart of nowhere
genesis – the best… [2lp]
george, lowell – thanks I’ll eat here
godley and creme – the history mix volume 1
godley and creme – cry [7” picture disc]
golden earring – moontan
greenslade – time and tide
gunne, jo jo – bite down hard
gunne, jo jo – jo jo gunne

hackett, steve – voyage of the acolyte
hartley, keef – lancashire hustler
horslips – the man who built america

images in vogue – in the house

james gang – yer’ album (2 copies)
james gang – thirds
james gang – live in concert
jefferson starship – dragonfly
jethro tull – thick as a brick
joel, billy – piano man
jon and vangelis – the friends of mr. cairo

kantner, paul, grace slick, david freiberg – baron von tollbooth and the chrome nun
kearney, christopher – sweetwater
knopfler, mark – music from the film cal

lennon, john – walls and bridges
lennon, john – rock ’n’ roll
lennon – julian – valotte

lighthouse – one fine morning
lighthouse – thoughts of movin’ on
little feat – down on the farm
little feat – let it roll
little feat – feats don’t fail me now
little feat – time loves a hero
loggins and messina – full sail
luba – between the earth and the sky

mandel, harvey – shangrenade
mann, herbie – at the village gate
mann’s, manfred earth band – solar fire
mann’s, manfred earth band – the roaring silence
mann’s, manfred earth band – the good earth
mas, carolyne – carolyne mas
mastodon – remission (2lp pink vinyl, as reported separately)
matthews southern comfort – later that same year
mayall, john – new year, new band, new company
mayall, john – memories
mcguinn, roger – thunderbyrd
melanie – candles in the rain
michaels, lee – lee michaels
midler, bette – divine madness
mott the hoople – mott the hoople
mountain – climbing!

nash the slash – children of the night

orchestral manoeuvres in the dark – the pacific age

parachute club – at the feet of the moon
parachute club – the parachute club
pointer sisters – break out

quicksilver messenger service – happy trails
quicksilver messenger service – anthology [2lp]

rascals – peaceful world [2lp]
reed, lou – lou reed
reed, lou – sally can’t dance
reed, lou – berlin
reed, lou – rock n roll animal
reed, lou – coney island baby
reed, lou – street hassle
rotary connection – rotary connection
rough trade – avoid freud
rough trade – live! [ltd. ed. #eu 101454 silver mirror gatefold]
roxy music – flesh + blood
roxy music – country life
roxy music – roxy music

santana – santana
santana – welcome
sarde, phillipe – quest for fire omps
siegall-scwall – ’70
simple minds – once upon a time
simple minds – live in the city of light [2lp]
simply red – picture book (my 2nd copy)
simply red – men and women
sons of champlain – loosen up naturally
sparks – no.1 in heaven
spheeris, jimmie – isle of view
spirit – twelve dreams of dr. sardonicus
spirit – farther along
spirit – spirit of ’76 [2lp]
stevens, cat – tea for the tillerman
stewart, rod – a night on the town
stone the crows – stone the crows
strange advance – 2wo
streetwalkers – vicious but fair
streetwalkers – red card
streetwalkers – streetwalkers
sugarloaf – sugarloaf

talk talk – life’s what you make it (extended version) [12”]
talk talk – the colour of spring
talk talk – it’s my life
ten years after – a space in time
traffic – the low spark of high heeled boys

u.k. – night after night live!
uriah heep – sweet freedom
uriah heep – fallen angel
uriah heep – demons and wizards

vivaldi – the four seasons (philharmonia orchestra)

walsh, joe – barnstorm
walsh, joe – the smoker you drink, the player you get
werth, howard and the moonbeams – king brilliant
winter, edgar group – they only come out at night
wishbone ash – wishbone ash
wishbone ash – there’s the rub
wishbone ash – pilgrimage
wishbone ash – argus

yes – close to the edge


Whew! Like I said, it was incredibly stupendously generous of Craig to just give me all of these records. I’ll admit that when I was just looking at the boxes, not knowing what was in there, I was fairly sure most of it would be stuff I’d never play. But now, having gone through these boxes, there’s a ton of stuff here I knew by name but had never heard. Now I can hear them at my leisure! I might get to the rock stuff before the obvious 80s pop stuff, but I do intend to hear it all, eventually…



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  1. Holy hell as you like to say! Since great stuff there and there’s nowt wrong wi 80s Pop lad!

    Captain Beyond! The Wishbone Ash is great stuff. The Yes album is a belter. Demons and Wizards is a Uriah Heep classic. Like to hear the Spirit stuff… Jimmy Page liked them too (allegedly)! Love to hear the Big Country stuff too. Lots of great vinyl there! What a super generous dude!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah! I knew more of this stuff than I thought I might. Super-cool! 80s stuff is OK… I might have to draw the line at the Pointer Sisters, though…

      THAT’S where I’d heard the Spirit thing before. I wonder if I have the allegedly taken song on one of the records here… I’ll have to go look!

      Oh man, Craig’s the man. Not just ‘cos he sometimes gives me stuff. Sometimes I give him stuff! What I like is we can go months without seeing each other and, when we hook up with his family again it’s like no time passed. It’s just all cool.

      Ha I meant to put in the post, about his collection, there was a Winger LP sitting out there at the front of a pile. Signed by the whole band. Cool beans!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, I could virtually spend my life with half of this stuff. The Feats, Wishbone Ash and Streetwalkers go right to the top of my mental pile. Check out Red Card by Streetwalkers. See if you recognize the drummer.


    • I might just spend half my life with this! I mean, I will have to listen to it, one by one! 🙂 Maybe I’ll make it into the biggest series the KMA has ever seen! Drummer on Red Card… NICKO!! Hahaha ok that’s super cool! Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂


  3. Some great album art in that set too.
    Tea for the tillerman is never a bad choice!


    • Indeed some really great stuff… and some really spectacularly bad cover art too… which to me is also just awesome! 😉

      There are many records in here I know I’m gonna like, and I’m sure a few I don’t know will be winners too. SO MUCH FUN!

      One thing I’ve noticed about this list… it helps to look at it more than once. I mean, I’m the guy who went through the boxes and typed it all in, and even still I found on the second time through there were artists and titles my eye had sort of passed over. So much to assimilate!


      • Agreed about the goodness of bad – I love when it hits that tipping point where it’s so ridiculous, it’s great!


        • Oh there are some REAL doozies out there. I used to take pics of them and put them online on another site. When I shifted focus to just this blog, I let all that go. But lucky friends whose cell phone numbers I have will occasionally get pics of hilarious album art found in shops. 🙂 I don’t ever buy the records, but sometimes I think I should. I just don’t think my lovely wife would let me cover the walls with them…


  4. In a Big Country is a well written song! Thought that back in 86 still do in 014!
    Man U musta almost needed UHaul to drag your gold out of there !


  5. Some great Canadiana there! Rough Trade, Parachute Club, Lighthouse! I had to drool at your Talk Talk Life is what you make it “12!


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