Revisiting Eric Crapton

As you know, I’ve (recently) been attacking the very daunting job of reorganizing the library here at the house. It’s far past time to be getting things into some much-needed order.

Today, I tackled all of my cassettes. Tapes! I know, that’s so hawt. Anyway, I didn’t think I had very many, but that turned out to be quite incorrect. So, as I dug through the piles of tapes, I made an amusing re-discovery…

Way back in April of 2008, I posted* about finding a wonderful cassette in the used book shop at the beach. It’s Eric Clapton’s From The Cradle album. It is the Korean release of the album, and it has a very special spelling on Side B.

Click the photo to enlarge all of its majesty…



* the photo at the link no longer works, hence the second reason for this reposting today.

9 thoughts on “Revisiting Eric Crapton

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Possibly? I know he flirts with the blues every now and again, but this was the first album in a long while where each track is an outright blues song. I really enjoy it. Later he did those Mr. Johnson CDs too, almost as if he’s trying to make up for the other shite he foists. 😉


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