Hold On To Yer Hats

Alright, folks.

While it’s not quite done, I’ve got the library re-organization at the point now where my energy can go back to listening moreso than alphabetizing and shifting things on shelves.

Also, I am still aiming for succinct expression in the writing, which I’ve mentioned here before.

What all of this means for you, as promised earlier, is an increase in KMA content. I won’t commit to a schedule or a number of posts per day, since my days are ever-shifting, but I already have a backlog of content to post, and now the time I spent working downstairs on getting my shit together can be redirected into listening and writing. So keep a sharp eye on the section of the right-hand sidebar called The Newest Hotness. If you don’t get emails for each new post (and if you don’t, just click the hand Follow button!), that list will tell you if you’re up to date on all the new stuff firing in here!

Also, I can’t speak for James because, as you know, he posts less but posts better. So this is just Aaron talking. I’m gonna give ‘er!

Are you ready?  I am. Because I learned, as I was digging around downstairs, that I have so much stuff to go through I may never get to it all, unless I get at ‘er now and give ‘er, Give ‘Er, GIVE ‘ER!

This is gonna be fun.

2 thoughts on “Hold On To Yer Hats

    1. keepsmealive says:

      I am excited. And also daunted, because looking at the stacks downstairs, I’m gonna be hammering shit out for a long long time.

      Remember that thing about 1000 monkeys with a 1000 typewriters? Well, all 1000 of those monkeys are now throwing shit at the wall. And I am all 1000 of those monkeys.

      Liked by 1 person

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