KMA1173 Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction

When Mike and I went to Taranna a couple of weeks ago, Appetite was on my search list. What?!?! you say? I don’t already own it? Nope. I used to own it, have done several times, along with both the Illusion records. But somewhere along the line, need for money always outweighs my need for Axl (Slash was the harder to let go, believe me) and I always ditched them in a cull.

Our local shops always seemed to sell it for $8 which, to me, was too much to buy a record I’ve probably owned three times in my life already. I thought I’d get a cheap copy in Taranna, but neither BMV nor Sonic Boom even had a copy at all. Completely Appetite-less. So, I came home empty-Guns-handed.

At the mall tonight, and our shite little HMV had a copy for $5, brand new (parental advisory sticker and all). I had to go for it, and I did. And it’s glorious. What a fuckin’ record. I mean seriously, my word.

Welcome to The Jungle / It’s So Easy / Night Train / Out Ta Get Me / Mr. Brownstone / Paradise City / My Michelle / Think About You / Sweet Child O’ Mine / You’re Crazy / Anything Goes / Rocket Queen.

Fuuuuuck. Fuuuuuuuuck!!! HELL YEAH!!

This is balls-out, brash, and fuck-you, in your face, totally seething rock and roll as it is absolutely meant to be played. I knew every word to every song. They’re in my memory from so many spins in the past, hell, they’re part of my DNA. I think that’s probably true for all of us. My even typing these sentences is likely superfluous. We all know this record forwards and backwards.

I had no business being without a copy of this album. This was WAY past due.

Glorious! \m/  \m/

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  1. Don’t think I can say anything about this that hasn’t already been said. Not listened to it in ages though.


  2. Tangled Up In Music (by Ovidiu Boar)

    What I like about this record is that it pleases both ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ fans, as it continues the dirty, sleazy, attitude-filled, riff-machine, blues-rock tradition of The Rolling Stones and early Aerosmith, and pop fans because most of the songs are really catchy and radio-friendly and the band’s got plenty of glam. You could say they’ve got both form and substance.

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  3. This album is awesome!


  4. as u would say Aaron…….WE GOT A WINNER!!!
    Good score!


    • You’re right Deke! We Got A Winner! GIVE ‘ER!! Hahahaha Yeah funny how $8 was too much but $5 was immediate cash drop. Apparently I had some sort of line when it came to buying this album. $5? Yes! $6+? No! Yes I am a weirdo.


  5. I was going to add one thing. “How has a deluxe edition of this never been released?” And then I said “Axl. Nevermind.”


    • I know! If ever there was an album that deserved it, this would be one. To bad their singer is batshit.

      But on further reflectio, I kind of like that it hasn’t been caught up in the wave of re-releasing everything with bonus tracks of every wheeze and fart to try to milk the crowd one more time. Appetite stands alone, buy it today and get the same damn thing you did in the 80s. There’s a strength and charm in that.

      I felt the same about the Metallica records (who needs to re-release them or make a hits set?) but apparently now that’s over. Because of course Metallica needs more money.


      • Metallica are reissuing them soon 🙂

        GNR though haven’t. Axl even resisted the release of their Greatest Hits and tried to have it blocked. But the record company needed to recoup some money, this was in the dead of Chinese Democracy recording.


        • I’m disappointed Metallica fell victim to the trend. If you have extra stuff you wanna release, fine. Do that. But leave the albums alone. I don’t give a shit about remastering their albums. I’m so used to the regular copies, I don’t even want to hear what they do to it.

          Axl resists everything. The only reason the label could do it was because Axl had his underwear on his head and was singing sea shanties when they received his rejection of it, so he didn’t really have a chance of being taken seriously.

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          • That’s pretty good 🙂

            You know me, I’ll take bonus tracks. I’m sad that I’d have to buy those albums again. It would be nice to get a package of just the bonus discs.


            • Haha I made that up but I love that it was so instantly probable.

              I do believe that, when the email went around, that’s exactly what I said about the Metallica thing. Just gimme the extras. I already own the records.

              Of course, I said the same thing about the Zeppelins and I just wanted the extras. I heard the remasters and they sound good, but I’d have been just as happy with a pretty release of the extras alone. And those vinyl sets are friggin’ gorgeous!

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              • See I knew that Metallica idea wasn’t mine! That’s funny. Yeah, I agree. I’d love to buy just the bonus discs. Even if they made you buy THEM as a box set, I’d still buy that.

                When I do start buying the Zeppelins, that will be my third copy of the entire catalogue. I may have to sell off my Complete Zeppelin box set. It’s absolutely mint.


                • Sure, put them in a fancy package and sell them for too much money. They’d still make a mint. But leave the records alone. Did I ever tell you my buddy Craig has some of their stuff on 33s that play on 45? The sound is a whole lot bigger. I saw the Justce one and the vinyls were all lime green. I know he has others…

                  Don’t sell that box set. You’d immediately regret it.


                  • You did tell me that Craig had those. I wanted to buy one, just to have one and try it.

                    OK, I won’t sell box set. But what should I do with it? Use it as a paperweight?


                    • I’d love for you to come up here and spend a day going through his collection. It is… awe-inspiring.

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                    • So he’s an Owen Sound guy? How long have you known him?


                    • Paperweight? Hell no. Use it as a centerpiece of your collection WHEN you get your own archive and library space.


                    • That’s a valid application.

                      When I worked at the record store, I would re-seal items like that. I kept a few Kiss CDs with special cases, that I didn’t actually need to play because I had the tracks elsewhere, so I had them sealed to protect the cases. I also did that with Black Crowe’s Amorica digipack US cover (though I later sold it on ebay).


                    • Zeppelin’s too important to you, man. I wouldn’t make a deep cut in your collection like that, is all. Who cares if you have three copies? It’s not like they’ve been releasing new records every couple of years all along and you’re overrun with it all.

                      That’s a cool idea, sealing up CDs for keeps. I recently bought gigantic ziplock bags at the dollar store and packed up my t-shirts (the Sloan hardocre shirt, my “we consider you a friend of the band” Mitch Mitchell’s Terrifying Experience shirt).


                    • Ooh that’s a good idea. As I said in Taranna, I spilled fuckin’ coffee on my Sloan shirt. Good idea with the bags.

                      I do that with my toys. Each open toy gets ziplocked with its guns and weapons, which then will never get lost or mixed up with other toys. Wish my mom used to buy ziplock bags back in the 80’s!


                    • Ooo bummer on the coffee spill, I remember that story. Gah.

                      I bought the biggest ziplocks they had (I could send you the dimensions), as well as the second-biggest. The biggest ones were perfect.

                      Still need to get you up here and go through all my G.I. Joes. I haven’t a friggin’ clue now which gun goes with which guy. All the weapons are together in a Crown Royal bag.


                    • How much fun would that be?

                      SO MUCH.

                      Yeah, I think that could be done. I have two guide books — one for each of us — plus we have the INternets available at our fingertips!


                    • Aw hell yeah! Plus you could tour the Library Of Awesomeness! Does your guidebook do Star Wars figures too? ‘Cos all that stuff’s mixed up too.


                    • No I don’t have a guide book for those. There probably is a web site we could use, plus my memory.

                      Mark Bellamo is the name of the guy who writes these guide books, and he also writes the notes on the reprints of the classic Marvel series. He says in one of them, “I know I’m the luckiest guy on earth.” Play with your old toys all day and take pictures of them and write about them! It’s the dream!


                    • Yeah he lives here. I dunno know how long I’ve known him… maybe 6 years or so? I’m totally guessing. I haven’t the foggiest.


                    • As long as you’ve been back in Ontariarariario?


                    • Nope, on May 24 weekend of next spring, we’ll have been back in Ontario for ten years. Bloody hell, that went by very quickly!

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                    • Sounds like a good enough excuse to party on the 2-4…


                    • Pfffbpt. As if we’d need an excuse! GIVE ‘ER! 😉

                      Actually, we were talking it would be nice to go back out to SK for a tour on or around that 10th anniversary. Would be great to see James again, and see what’s changed (and what hasn’t). Will see if funds will permit!

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  6. I’ve owned this one a few times, too. Always shifted it as I didn’t listen to it a helluva lot. Moved on the 3rd CD copy a couple o’ years ago and didn’t much miss it. Until this year. When I spotted a nice copy on vinyl. Yup. An awesome album. Just no getting ’round it.


    • I know, what is it with selling that album off and then feeling the need to get it back in again? I would say we need an expert in subliminal messages to listen to the album and see if there are any messages hidden in there. YOU WILL SELL YOUR COPY OF THIS ALBUM… THEN YOU WILL BUY IT AGAIN…

      Oooo vinyl. Did you get an original or a reissue? When we were inToronto for our trip a few weeks ago, almost all of the vinyls were reissues, and expensive. I cannot wait for all the hipsters to stop caring about vinyl so that the rest of us real record collectors can get back to the way things were!

      I have a buddy here who has Appetite on vinyl, a mint copy of the controversial cartoon cover. It is indeed a thing of beauty.


      • I picked up the original. Wouldn’t … or couldn’t justify spending £20+ on the reissue. £8 was just right … couldn’t pass that up.


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