Queen – Queen At The Beeb

Another $2 score, this copy isn’t in perfect shape (though surely not bad!), but it was too good to leave it there.

Tracks 1-4 were recorded 1973-02-05:

My Fairy King is an epic, full of falsetto majesty. Keep Yourself Alive, of course, is full-on classic rock gallop. Doin’ Alright goes back and forth between being a lovely piano ballad and another rock-out banger. And Liar is an absolutely awesome musical workout. Just wow!

Tracks 5-8 were recorded 1973-12-03:

Ogre Battle is yet another Queen rawk epic with a great riff. Wait, when discussing Brian May, isn’t using the words “great riff” rather redundant? I daresay yes! Great King Rat is amazing. My notes, written while listening to this one, say “WOW! Just… wow! Rawk!” I know you appreciate my sizzling and incisive observations… Modern Times Rock ‘N’ Roll is a total barroom rock smoker that totally satisfied. And finally we have Son & Daughter which, if I was forced to choose, I’d name my favourite track on this disc. It’s heavy-bluesy, almost Sabbathy! And then that rousing build to the incredible instrumental section, with the cool echo effect on the guitar solo…  Hot damn!

This CD is amazing. It made me realize that I need to get more Queen into my life. I have a couple of their records here, but not nearly enough!

10 thoughts on “Queen – Queen At The Beeb

      1. mikeladano says:

        No bonus tracks or shiny gold. They released it later as Queen at the BBC…probably remastered but I’m not sure. But anyway as far as I know it’s just the title and cover that are different, and I didn’t care all that much.

        I also had this on tape, promo, with just a blue paper cover, from the store. That’s when it was reissued, around 95.


        1. keepsmealive says:

          That cassette sounds cool too! I read that they re-issued it as BBC because there was concern that non-British audiences wouldn’t know what the Beeb is. Because, clearly, we’re all thick, I guess.

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