20 Miles / Doo Rag (split single)

Subtitle: Sinful Tunes And Spirituals

I don’t remember in which shop I snagged this little gem, but I know it was in Toronto… not on a Mike & Aaron trip, but on another time I was in town. At the time I thought it was rare (I never see it the shops, on my travels), but looking at the Discogs now, a copy can be had for about $10 CDN (+ shipping). On this Australian release single, each band gets two tracks.

First up, 20 Miles. Judah Bauer! Both of their tracks come from the I’m A Lucky Guy LP…

Johnson’s Blues is an hypnotic blues stomper to drift you along… East St. Louis is a pure blues rock hit record single if I ever heard one. This is one of my favourite tracks of theirs.

Next is Doo Rag. Good ol’ Bob Log III (and Thermos Malling too!). A minimal bit of searching the internets did not indicate to me that these tracks came from any other official release of theirs. If I’m wrong about that, let me know in the comments!

Confidential Booty is a madman bluesy stomp that clanks and clunks… Elbow Crack is blues at breakneck speed, interspersed with an absolutely massive bass drum booming. What a joyous noise! There’s also an odd, electro grind (is that a term? If so, is it even correct, here?) section, from the middle to end. Whew.

This single is a lovely slice of awesome.


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