Hold On To Yer Hats… So Far…

Back on November 5, I posted that I was gonna step up my game, open the floodgates and really let ‘er rip. It’s something I really want to do, to cover everything I have here. I like to think of it as a noble pursuit… because really, how awesome would it be to be able to just sit back wait for new things to come home with me so I can write about them, knowing I’ve already covered everything here? Yeah, that’d rule. So.

10 days have passed. Let’s see how I’ve done so far! [NB.Posts per day are numbered (in brackets)]:

Nov 06 (3)
Nov 07 (2)
Nov 08 (2)
Nov 09 (2)
Nov 10 (5)
Nov 11 (3)
Nov 12 (2)
Nov 13 (2)
Nov 14 (3)
Nov 15 (3)

Total Posts: 27 (by James and Aaron)

Total Posts: 25 (by Aaron)
Min. Per Day: 2
Max. Per Day: 5
Number of days: 10
Avg. Per Day: 2.5

I have to say, this is a pretty good increase. I’ve definitely been trying harder to get stuff up here. But I still have so much to cover, SO many albums and books and DVDs here to digest and talk about. If I were to maintain 2.5 posts per day, on average, for the next year, by 2015-11-16 I would have posted just north of 900 posts. That would just about get me somewhere in the vicinity of nowhere near all the stuff I have here to cover already… and that’s not counting whatever else new that would come into my collection in that time.

So. Gotta step up the game! Remember, the goal that seems to be forming, here, is to eventually have everything I own written about. That way I can just cover new additions.

How best to achieve this? Well, of course, write more! Also, brevity. Really keenly and incisively jot down my thoughts on whatever I’m hearing, then move on. Get in and get out! And even at that, it’s still so daunting…

Sure, it’s a dream, and it seems impossible… but nothing’s impossible! Right? RIGHT! Because I believe I can fly. I can. Watch me!

Give ‘er! GIVE ‘ER! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hold On To Yer Hats… So Far…

  1. mikeladano says:

    My goal is largely the same as yours — I’d like to get everything that I own reviewed. I’m aiming to do one post a day, alternating between Reviews and Getting More Tales. My current ratio is 2-1 reviews-to-tales. That’s flexible though.

    I don’t mind the idea of the never ending reviewing though. Keeps life interesting!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      The thought of getting everything we own reviewed is daunting, though, ain’t it! Haha I love it. Part of the reason for the recent library reorganization, too, was to get everything alphabetized, which makes it easier to just go through the table of contents, see if I’ve reviewed it before and, if not, do it!

      You’re on a good pace with yours. You do a lot more work than I do – you post pics, you link to all sorts of things, you put more thought into your stuff. Me, I just slap ‘er up and say I LIKED IT! more often than not.

      The Never-Ending review. How Bob Dylan of you! But even if we get to the level of being ahead of the game, even if (at some distant future date) we’ve reviewed everything we own, you cannot forget the Never Ending Acquisitions! PLUS all the random thoughts and good ideas for other posts that pop into the head. Never fear, there’ll never be a time when there’s nothing to post!


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