Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson – Mo’ Meta Blues

Subtitle: The World According To Questlove
with Ben Greenman

This is another book that I received as a birthday gift, way back in July, and I am only now finishing it. Why? I was sipping from it, because reading too much of it may have led to overload of awesomeness (see below). Also, I was trying to finish that Rock Connections book (see recent review). Trust me, I would rather have been reading this one non-stop.

I started out writing about everything in this book that I thought was awesome. How Ahmir grew up obsessed with music (I totally identify), how sometimes he had records of which his parents disapproved (I identify), how he practiced hard and became a professional musician in one of the coolest bands on the planet (I… can’t identify with that. At least, not this week…).

Anyway, the entire time I was writing about how much I loved this book, I realized I was just repeating myself and using every adjective I know to try to tell you how brilliant this whole thing well and truly is. The man is clearly a walking encyclopedia of music, so deeply immersed and connected. I’ll bet going out for a coffee with him, and talking music, would yield connections and comparisons the average person couldn’t even begin to put together. He’s hip, he’s cool, he’s honest, he tells the stories with a loving care… and he’s the kind of guy I’d just wanna be around. Always. Hey Questlove, clear your couch. I’m moving in! Haha. I’m kidding! Mostly.

I could go on. But I’ll leave you with a pull-quote from the back cover of the book. Oooooo cop-out! Pull quotes are the worst! Paid blow-job exhortations to boost a friend’s ego! Why is Aaron leaving this here? Because this sums it up. And not just for the girls she’s talking to, this is for everyone:

Attention White Girls: Stop reading about vampires and read what Questlove has to say instead. MO’ META BLUES is a magical kaleidoscope about a high concept, low maintenance genius named Ahmir. Like him, it’s smart, funny, sweet, and in a thousand places at once. Read it or rot on your vine.  – Amy Poehler

Damn straight, Amy.

I loved everything about this book. Love love loved it. You should read it. NOW.

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