All Time Low 2-Fer

I got both of these CDs for $2 each, though I only knew the name of the band and not any of their songs.

Wiki tells me they took their name from a New Found Glory song, so we all oughta know the ballpark we’re gonna be in, here.

Let’s give ‘er in a KMA 2-fer!

1) So Wrong It’s Right (2007)
2) Nothing Personal (2009)

I can review both of these in one go:

Three words: Power pop punk. Every song sounds like it could the theme song to one of those bad sitcoms. Of course, there’s also the obligatory slow song on each record (Remembering Sunday, Therapy). Honestly though, there’s a whole slew of bands that sound like this – not as fast as NOFX, not as snotty as Green Day… I will give them credit for trying to add some electronic elements to Nothing Personal, but none of that grabbed me either.

While I’m sure there is a gaggle of 15 year olds who love this and will flame me for deriding it as mostly derivative, I’ll tell those teens this: I’m glad this makes you happy, but when you reach my age you’ll (hopefully) know shite from shinola.

UPDATE: Wiki also tells me that this band is currently working on their 6th album. Gee, I wonder what it’ll sound like!


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