I have looked for YEARS for a decent-shape, affordable copy of Guided By Voices’ Bee Thousand on LP. Trouble is, it’s been out of print since the late 90s, and copies for sale became more and more rare as time went on. Yes, I own it on CD. But this is an album that begs to be played on LP.

So, then a News post from November 8, 2014 on Scat Records’ site sent me into a dance of sheer friggin’ joy:

SCAT IS RE-RELEASING BEE THOUSAND IN A GATE-FOLD LP “VERY SOON”!!!!! This is not a limited run, so copies will be everywhere for all of us to enjoy! Buy lots, for everyone you know!

Scat will also be re-issuing the Bee Thousand Director’s Cut (the original was 3 LPs) on CD for the first time ever!!

Scat will also be reissuing Guided By Voices’ King Shit & The Golden Boys on vinyl! This is a wise move, as it contains Bee Thousand outtakes and other stuff unheard anywhere else. Yes, I own it on CD too (in the ‘Box’ box set). But on LP? Hells yes. A necessity companion piece to Bee Thousand.

Can I even begin to express to you how happy all of this makes me? The site doesn’t give exact release dates, but whenever it happens, I will be a first-day buyer of all three of these releases!

Happy happy happy happy happy happy Aaron!!!


2 thoughts on “GUIDED BY VOICES REISSUES!!!!!!!

  1. mikeladano says:

    So after I read this in the morning, I did some research on this album. Very intriguing, the lo-fi recording concept. It obviously became something of an art to them.

    SO: Are you getting both Bee Thousand and the Director’s Cut? Is that the plan?


    1. keepsmealive says:

      GBV has been a fave of mine since… 1996? Somewhere in there. They’re so all over the map, and so prolific it’s absolutely boggling. The very fact that Bee Thousand is so “lo-fi” is the only way I’d want it.

      Fun Trivia: The album got its name when it was discovered by (surely drunken) band members that if you press your tongue against the roof of your mouth and say the name Pete Townsend, it can sound like Bee Thousand.

      SO: I will be buying all three! 🙂


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