Last week, I hinted that I was likely to be receiveing a Grail List item. You guys thought  maybe it was GBV/Pollard-related, or Sloan. Great guesses! But not this time.

Today it arrived! It’s beautiful!


Yup, that’s right! A first print, Bloodshot Records copy of the wonderful Ryan Adams debut album Heartbreaker, on CD! I am very happy about this. I used to own a copy ages ago, went to replace it and found it’s harder to get than it should be. The Canadian Amazon site lists it at $33.65 used or $72.95 new! Haha no. There are copies on Discogs now but when I looked last time there were only a few, and all also quite dear. No matter, I got this copy from Mike’s old store for $7. YAY!

I can’t wait to dig into it. Even just looking at the track listing, all the songs flooded back into my brain. This is gonna be awesome!

9 thoughts on “GRAIL LIST SUCCESS!!

      1. 1537 says:

        If I had two copies of the LP, I’d give you one and even pay the postage myself.

        Sadly this is all a bit hypothetical because I don’t own anything by Ryan Adams at all; but it’s the thought that counts this time of year.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Haha I never understood that – who would argue over Morissey? Not me! Not my thing at all, that guy. But yeah, that’s just a lead-in for an absolutely fantastic record that I have lived without for years and I regret every minute spent without it.


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