Supreme Beings Of Leisure – S/T

Wow, this takes me back to when we lived in Montreal. This type of music, along with Morcheeba, Portishead, all these sort of trip hop loungey jazzy bands were all the rage in restaurants, clubs, etc. I can put this sort of music on and just chill the fuck out, you know? Really great. But I find if you pay attention more closely, there’s lots going on in the music, layering and little additions that reward your attention too.

You might know some of the titles here, like Never The Same, Golddigger, Strangelove Addiction, or Last Girl On Earth. But even if not, this whole album is fantastic space-out bliss music, a soundtrack for your grooviest moments.

I always loved this CD.

13 thoughts on “Supreme Beings Of Leisure – S/T

              1. mikeladano says:

                I remember my sister told me this. I think she had bought a Bryan Adams tour book for Waking Up the Neighbors. I’m not sure actually! I’ll have to ask her what she remembers.


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