Bad Religion

The idea of adding images to this new series of posts was still bugging me. And after a couple of you mentioned that pictures would make it look cool and be helpful, and knowing how much work the rest of you put into your excellent pages, my little line about keeping it low-rent around here didn’t really hold much water. So, I tried again, but I could still not get the formatting correct to have the album art beside each album’s blurb. You’ve all done it on your own pages, you’re all savvy at this stuff, yet for some reason I cannot manage it. So let’s chalk it up to simply: I suck at it, somehow. I’m cool with that.

However, I did realize I could put a thumbnail gallery at the bottom of the page. Thus, images could be there and yet not distract from the text too much, and putting them in a line like that is zero formatting hassle so YAY! Click on any of the images and a little gallery pops up. Note, too, that the images are not always of consistent size or quality (though I did try). And because the KMA loves you, I did go back and add images for the other posts in this series.

The sharp-eyed among you will also note that I have added dates (in brackets) to all album titles on each of this year’s posts, too. Cool.

Let us know, in the comments, what you think of these two new developments!

Bad Religion – Recipe For Hate

Completely melodic and riveting, this is not exactly the fast and furious BR record we’re used to (maybe), but it’s catchy as hell and jam-packed with intelligent, clear-eyed lyrics. And all of those guitar riffs! This is a textbook for budding songwriters. Honestly, this is a must-have BR album. Even Eddie Vedder guests on American Jesus and Watch It Die (though it’s hard to tell it’s him). And Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde is on Struck A Nerve, an incredibly strong song on an album full of them. No one else sounds like these guys or does quite what they do, and it’s why we love them dearly.

17) Bad Religion – All Ages (1995)

Yes, this is a hits compilation containing songs from most of their first bunch of records from 1982-1992 (for whatever reason, not all of the records in this period are represented). And yes, it is freaking amazing, as you’d imagine a compilation of this band would be. But this is more than just a mind-blowing collections of songs – it’s also a celebration of one of punk’s most enduring, beloved and fucking brilliant bands. Aw hell, you knew this already. As you were!

18) Bad Religion – True North (2013)

I was fortunate to see this album’s tour when it hit Toronto (it was fucking awesome). At the show, I tried to buy this CD but the merch table didn’t have any CDs! What. Anyway, I got the disc in short order afterwards, and I love it. Every song here is a bomb going off, seriously, it is utterly satisfying. Fear not folks, this is further proof that these veterans are in full control of their considerable abilities, and writing memorable songs that are still tearing this dumb-ass world a new one. Freaking fantastic!


2 thoughts on “Bad Religion

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Hey thanks, Sarca! Will see how this goes. This new layout/format/brevity thing seems to be evolving as we go. Already a couple of other additions too, so who knows how it’ll look when we reach December!

      And hot damn, three Bad Religion CDs in one day?AWESOME!!!!

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