Killer Be Killed

You’ll notice that I’ve let off the blistering pace set last week in this new series. Yesterday and today, only 1 album each day. Am I burnt out, you think? Hell no. My lovely wife just informed me that, according to the internet, our town has received 100cm of snow in the past week. I haven’t had any time to listen to music because I’m spending all of my time (that time which is not dedicated to looking after two small children and the upkeep of this house, mind you) shovelling and snowblowing. It’s a shit-ton of snow, for a short period, it’s true, but it’s nothing new. We had the same thing last year. Except last year this time, I’d only gotten my cast off my broken foot in December, and I really wasn’t up to trying to push the snow scoop up the 8′ hill of it at the side of the driveway. This year, we have a brand new, powerful snowblower and the driveway that used to take an hour on a moderate day’s snow with the shovels now takes ten minutes with the blower. I have the power.

Anyway. Yesterday, I teased a few of you with the tidbit that I’d just received an album in the mail and that, if I’d been wise enough to buy it last year when it was released, it would most unquestionably have been in my top 5 of 2014. The guesses that came in were tremendous. One of you said Bieber. Another said Downtown Abbey’s Christmas album. Another, an album of Halloween farts or some such, but that was disqualified as it was released in 2011 (and also nowhere near the mark). Goes to show you all think you’re funny! But no one was even close to guessing the majesty of:

Killer Be Killed – Killer Be Killed

You may know of this release, this supergroup. Straight from Wiki:

“Killer Be Killed is an American supergroup founded by The Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato and Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy/ex-Sepultura/Nailbombfrontman Max Cavalera in early 2011. The lineup also features Mastodon bassist and co-vocalist Troy Sanders and former The Mars Volta drummer Dave Elitch. The band had slowly been working on material before announcing its name in October 2013, along with their signing to Nuclear Blast. The release date for their self-titled debut record was May 13, 2014.

So, from that list, you’ll know that even if full-of-themselves metal writers found some dumbass way to pan this as terrible, it really isn’t. You know this fucking rocks.

And it does. This CD fucking cooks. From the opening salvo of Wings Of Feather And Wax and straight on through to the brilliant Forbidden Fire, we’re treated to 11 tracks of the best damn metal I’ve heard since… well, since I heard any of the records by any of the players here. All the influences and sounds are here. It’s melodic, it screams, it pounds, it races, it’s fucking metal in its DNA.

I read somewhere that pacing was an issue, that it’s up and down and all over the map. Yeah, well, if you want your hand held, go listen to Bieber or Downtown Abbey. Every track on this CD is a goddamn jackhammer on your skull, and completely unrepentant about it. And yet it’s accessible, completely listenable, and it’s all so very, very, VERY satisfying.

This CD is the best thing I’ve heard in ages. Hot DAMN! You gotta get you some of THIS!

killer be killed

13 thoughts on “Killer Be Killed

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah it’s still a lot of listening. And it’s funny because when I post these little blurbs, they’re distillations of longer, basically full review notes that I write before boiling it all down. I’m doing a lot more work than you guys see! 🙂


  1. mikeladano says:

    So anyways: NEVER heard of this. However, I know of the players contained within this “supergroup”, and coupled with your descriptions, I can picture in my mind the kind of music this is. I bet there is a lot of frantically fast parts with incredible playing and power.

    WILL listen!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Oh Dude. This CD owns! I loved it completely. I can only imagine that with further listens it’ll get better and better and better!!!

      I knew of the thing because of Troy fromMastodon (MASTODON WOOO!!! \m/ \m/) and when I saw who else was involved it was a no-brainer for me.

      Your bet is absolutely correct. Check yer inbox. 😉


    1. keepsmealive says:

      She did! Thanks, yeah, they re-opened the highway around 3pm and she booked it (carefully) home. Said the trip was really bad, was surprised the road was open, but if THAT was an improvement and they felt it OK to open it, it must’ve been REALLY bad when it was closed!

      Yeah I just blew another several inches out of the driveway this morning. 3′ in a week. Running out of places to put it all!


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