Ani DiFranco, Julie Doiron, Rheostatics

Ani DiFranco – Not So Soft*

Second record, definitely early days, and its a classic. This record, like all others, is a real guitar showcase for her, and all the gentle, awesome tunes here add up to a superlative album of song s you cannot live without hearing. Not so soft? You got that right!

Ani DiFranco – Red Letter Year*

Right from the trippy drift-off intro track we’re well into another record of very adventurous and great full-band tracks that prove this incredible artist just keeps growing. You know her sound, you know what’s here… I always loved just her guitar but these tracks with a full band are excellent. What an album! This is great highway roadtrip music, for sure.

Ani DiFranco – Which Side Are You On?*

All gorgeous, full band beauty. These are almost theatrical tunes, with great sections of syncopation. A banjo into an electric (still old feel) and that’s only the first three tracks! Ani just keeps getting better and better, and she was fucking brilliant to start with…

Rheostatics – 2067*

I’m not even sure if I know how to write-up a genius Rheos record like this without screwing it up. How does one put words on everything contained herein? We all love the Rheos, right? So… All I’ll say is that this is fucking brilliant and you’ve gotta get this!

Julie Doiron – Woke Myself Up*

I love Julie Doiron’s music. With Eric’s Trip, all the solo and side stuff… so, my bias will show. From the opener’s great bounce rock, the acoustic and drums of the second track, the guitar waltz of track three, the gentle her and guitar of track four that builds into a full band mover, and the gorgeous acoustic/voice of track five… and so on and so on and so on… YES. Julie Doiron. Love love love.

* Bought on last year’s trip to Toronto with Mike.

6 thoughts on “Ani DiFranco, Julie Doiron, Rheostatics

  1. mikeladano says:

    It amazes me how long Ani has been around, and how prolific she’s been. I know talking to some fans that she doesn’t always hit a home run every time, but when you do as many records as she does, you don’t have to!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I might argue with those fans. It sounds sweeping to say, but I can throw on any of her records and find all kinds of reasons to love it. Maybe those people are looking for more of a specific sound she does sometimes, or more “hit” songs based on their mainstream expectations, I dunno. I’d say purchase any and all with confidence!

      Liked by 1 person

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