Diana Krall, Drain STH, Gipsy Kings, Jazz Jamaica, k.d. lang

k.d. lang – Ingénue

There’s no denying lang’s voice, her ability. And this must be one of her biggest records, surely, with Miss Chatelaine and Constant Craving on it. The rest all play like hits too, gentle and gorgeous. I much prefer this period of her life to later (when she butchered Hallelujah). This record is really, really good.

Jazz Jamaica – Motor City Roots

This CD was a lot of fun! Funky ska reggae big band arrangements of old soul and r&b classics. Listening along, all I can think is if I was in a band still, I’d love to be making stuff like this. I love how they replace the Jackson 5 vocal with a trombone, and that’s only track one. I didn’t quite go for the spoken-word thing on What’s Going On, but no matter. This is brilliant fun.

Gipsy Kings – Estrellas

These guys always make me think of the Red Pepper restaurant in Saskatoon – the owner there was ALWAYS playing their hits CD on repeat. We never heard anything else in there, ever.

This CD is brilliant, I just love their ‘rumba catalana’ sound. These are such excellent technical players, yet they play with such passion! I enjoyed this so very much.

Drain STH – Freaks Of Nature

I knew their song Enter My Mind from an old CMJ Music compilation, and always loved its bottom end when it comes crunching in. The whole CD does that quiet/loud thing, but these are strong riffsand a really satisfying metal sound mixed with a touch of that industrial flirtation. Cool CD though it did tend to wash together a bit by the end.

Diana Krall – The Girl In The Other Room

I do love Krall’s smooth jazz approach and sound. She’s a living reminder of the old school, and I love it. The guitar parts are excellent here, and so, of course, is her voice and piano. I could listen to this (and her) any time… And I do!

8 thoughts on “Diana Krall, Drain STH, Gipsy Kings, Jazz Jamaica, k.d. lang

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Ha, I hadn’t even noticed that, good eye!

      Wait… 99… does that mean this post is the Wayne Gretzky of this month’s series?

      100 is indeed in reach. It’s a bit of an ambitious one, too…

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