Rolling Stones – Collection 1971-1989

Well looky here, I’ve hit 100 different blurbs this month! And with a whole day to spare! This has been a LOT of listening, a real labour of love! No guarantees I’ll hit this number every month, but it’s been fun getting here in this first month of the year.

So, in celebration, I offer up a lifetime keepsake. Enjoy!

Rolling Stones – Collection (1971-1989)

Inspired by a recent post of Mike’s, on the eye-opening effect the Led Zeppelin boxed set had on him, I thought it was time to share a similar experience with you about the boxed set that decided one of my own directions.

As I’ve stated, I was the jazz kid. Grew up on it, and it has always been a constant. There was also the 50s and 60s music of my Mom, especially the Beatles. I eventually grew away from the Beatles, from over-exposure. I drifted towards the Stones – it’s almost cliché, isn’t it, to like one but not the other. I don’t dislike the Beatles, I just prefer the Stones.

Anyway, I received this boxed set for Christmas from my folks in 1990. This coincides perfectly with Mike’s Christmas Led Zeppelin. Cool.

Well, in these parts I am known to be a Stones fan. I have all the records, some multiple copies. I’d had Exile On Main Street on cassette, but this set was my first real immersion in their music (and a huge boost to my getting all their records into my collection). And what an interesting period to have as a first crack at it, eh? From Sticky Fingers through to Steel Wheels? Holy hell. So much greatness here. Yes, their disco phase too, but it was the times. I grew to love each of these albums for their own strengths and weaknesses.

This boxed set also came with a special Collector’s Edition CD, with rare tracks and different versions, etc. Very cool indeed.

And it was this boxed set that sent me scrambling to buy up all the albums that preceded 1971, and to buy every new album as soon as it comes out. I’m a lifelong fan, and this set surely helped pave the way.


The culprits responsible for fully beginning my lifelong appreciation (ie the contents of this box, 15CDs):

01) Sticky Fingers (1971)
02) Exile On Main Street (1972)
03) Goats Head Soup (1973)
04) It’s Only Rock And Roll (1974)
05) Black And Blue (1976)
06-07) Love You Live (2CD) (1977)
08) Some Girls (1978)
09) Emotional Rescue (1980)
10) Tattoo You (1981)
11) Still Life (American Concert 1981) (1982)
12) Undercover (1983)
13) Dirty Work (1986)
14) Steel Wheels (1989)
15) Collectors’ Edition (Bonus CD) (1990)

NB: All of these photos (except the first one) are from Discogs. It’s the lazy way for me to show you the box, which looks the same as mine anyway. Interestingly, the box in these photos is a bit beat up, and so is mine! In fact, the excruciatingly thin paper that held the lid to the box is almost torn through on mine. I can’t see how anyone kept theirs intact if they opened the box more than two or three times. I would never store my CDs in this cheaply-made box. Exceedingly poor packaging design! 

21 thoughts on “Rolling Stones – Collection 1971-1989

  1. J. says:

    Man, that’s a really nice set. I had all the albums on CD – some moved along and re-bought. Now I’m picking them up on vinyl. Gradually. I want a vinyl sized box like that!


  2. mikeladano says:

    Ahh, Christmas 1990. The Christmas of box sets!

    You are 100% right about that paper that secures the lid. I have seen this box come in a couple times, and the paper was always in bad shape. I never saw one with the lid torn off, but by now I’m sure that is happening.

    Mega cool set, and mega rarity! Cheers for this!


  3. Heavy Metal Overload says:

    Cool set, I’ve never seen that one before. Trying to remember what I might have got for Xmas in 1990 but I can’t really remember. There would have been some KISS tapes involved for sure. Hot in the Shade would have been one of them. But looking back it’s still a bit fuzzy…


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Crazy to think this was 25 years ago, still such an integral part of my listening! The year is only memorable cos that’s its release year. I could not tell you what I got for Christmas 1991. 🙂


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Well, Discogs has one copy, $270 CDN… So, 14 albums at an average of, say, $15 each new, that’s $210, plus the rare disc is $35.60, add in taxes, shipping… hell, might come close to even, though you wouldn’t get the shitty box, going the other way…


  4. Sarca says:

    Great, someone actually owns this!
    I remember it back in the day, but since I blew all my xmas wishes on the LZ boxed set, I never got my own! Cool collection!


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