Peter Gabriel – Ein Deutsches Album

Peter Gabriel – Ein Deutsches Album

In our local thrift shop last night, I saw a copy of this Peter Gabriel German version CD. I couldn’t pass it up.

This is basically his ‘3’ or “melt” album, but with new instrumental and backing vocal tracks and, of course, all the lyrics sung in German. It’s cool to hear Games Without Frontiers and Biko sung in German.

He must’ve enjoyed the process, because two years later he did it again on 1982’s Deutsches Album, which Wiki called a “significantly altered version of his fourth album Peter Gabriel (Security).”

I looked it up on Discogs… (all prices in CDN as of today):

VG+/VG+  $35.33 or $45.22
M/NM or M-  $62.14

And on Amazon?

$105.94 – $117.39, or
$94.25 – $367.73

I would grade my copy as M. And what did I pay? $1.99.

peter gabriel ein deutsches album


8 thoughts on “Peter Gabriel – Ein Deutsches Album

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yes! I was quite happy with it. I even scanned the shelves a second time, to make sure I hadn’t missed anything else. I wish there’d been more of his stuff, I’m in a Gabriel mood these days (in German or not, I don’t care), so the timing on finding this one was fantastic.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Sometimes, yeah! It’s always a total crap-shoot, with the majority of it being crap. But sometimes there are gems, for sure.

      I hadn’t really known about these either, until last night. Pretty damn cool!


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