Iron Maiden – Visions Of The Beast

Iron Maiden – Visions Of The Beast: The Complete Video History

Alright look, it’s simple. This is Iron fuckin’ Maiden. That right there should be enough for anyone to buy this with confidence.

This set is two DVDs full of all the videos from 1980-2001, including live versions and 6 “Camp Chaos” animated versions of some of their biggest songs. It’s over 150 minutes in total, with tons of bonus and extra stuff. There’s also interactive menus and a discography. You can even choose 5.1 sound for the Rock In Rio versions of Brave New World and Fear Of The Dark. I would have done, if I could play 5.1 on any of my equipment.

Even the slipcase is cool, with Eddie leering menacingly out of a clear plastic window in the center, while on the reverse is collected minature imagess of some of the many faces of Eddie. Oh, and his raised middle finger in the center, of course. Beautiful.

There’s so much here, and it’s all so huge. A truly stunning set.

\m/  MAIDEN!!  \m/







Track Listing*

Disc One

01 Women in Uniform
02 Wrathchild (live)
03 Run to the Hills
04 The Number of the Beast
05 Flight of Icarus
06 The Trooper
07 2 Minutes to Midnight
08 Aces High
09 Wasted Years
10 Stranger in a Strange Land
11 Can I Play with Madness
12 The Evil That Men Do
13 The Clairvoyant
14 Infinite Dreams (live)
15 Holy Smoke
16 Tailgunner
17 Aces High (Camp Chaos version)
18 The Number of the Beast (Camp Chaos version)
19 Futureal (Football version)
20 Fear of the Dark (live – Taken from Rock in Rio)
21 Man on the Edge (fun version – Easter Egg)
• Uses clips of Charlie Chaplin films
• To access this easter egg, play track 6 (The Trooper) three consecutive times, to form 666, the number of the beast.

Disc Two

01 Bring Your Daughter… to the Slaughter
02 Be Quick or Be Dead
03 From Here to Eternity
04 Wasting Love
05 Fear of the Dark (live)
06 Hallowed Be Thy Name (live)
07 Man on the Edge
08 Afraid to Shoot Strangers (live with Blaze Bayley on vocals)
09 Lord of the Flies
10 Virus
11 The Angel and the Gambler
12 Futureal
13 The Wicker Man
14 Out of the Silent Planet
15 Brave New World (live)
16 The Wicker Man (Camp Chaos version)
17 Run to the Hills (Camp Chaos version)
18 Flight of Icarus (Camp Chaos version)
19 The Trooper (Camp Chaos version) (Easter Egg)
• To access this Easter egg, play track 06 (Hallowed Be Thy Name) twice, then track 4 (Wasting Love), in consecutive order, to form 664.


* totally copy/pasted from Wiki.

6 thoughts on “Iron Maiden – Visions Of The Beast

  1. mikeladano says:

    Camp Chaos…I’m trying to remember those videos. Are those the guys who animate characters without noses? Like in the Motley vid for Hell on High Heels.

    This was the definitive Maiden video compilations. But now we want a special edition with the newer bids too!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah, there’s another 14 years of stuff to collect, for sure. I’m sure they’ll reboot it and re-sell it at some point. Until then, I’ve got all of THIS awesomeness!

      And yes, the Camp Chaos stuff was animated bits…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mikeladano says:

        Hard to tell for sure but I think it’s the same guys who draw all their characters with no nose. To be honest I’ve never particularly liked those videos…but that’s only a handful out of the gagillion on this DVD!


  2. deKE says:

    Camp those Metallica vid they did were genius! Hahahaha …this set I guess is the set of all sets! Always dug Holy Smoke and Stranger In a Strange Land videos!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah man, this set is really great, full of most everything you’d want all in one place. And yeah sure, some would say they’re all on the Youtubes or whatever, but I got this for under $15 and even though videos don’t get played as often as albums around here, it’s still a super-neat thing to have here at the ready for when I wanna see all this stuff again!


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