Collaboration Week #2: Danko Jones – Born A Lion

Danko Jones – Born A Lion


Welcome to an exciting week of collaboration with Mike! Yes, you read that correctly: A WHOLE WEEK! You lucky Readers, we’ll be bringing you tons of goodness. We haven’t read each other’s reviews in advance, so let’s see what happens…

ALSO: Today is extra special because it’s a 3-way (not as kinky as it sounds) review between my KMA brother James, Mike and myself. Look out Danko, it’s a 3-fer!!


READ JAMES’ and MIKE’S reviews too! Do it now!

One day, I bought four Danko Jones CDs at our local thrift shop, $2 each. I got: I’m Alive And On Fire, We Sweat Blood, Sleep Is The Enemy, and this one, Born A Lion.

You know, I was gonna write this one up song by song, but I ended up too busy jumping around the living room, rocking out and having a blast with every track to manage something as intricate as forming coherent thoughts on each song. It’s really simple: this is AC/DC-style heavy blues sexy rock by way of every sweaty club and barroom with over-priced, watered-down beer and backed-up toilets that you can imagine. This is a hard-working band – they play hard, they hit hard and they rock hard! Danko’s voice is a perfect mix of rock howl and soul shouter bliss, and the riffs are so sharp that you’ve gotta be careful because you can cut yourself just by listening to them.

There isn’t a slow song here. There isn’t a mediocre song here, either. We go from blast to straight-on blast, full-on sweaty rock with an awesome soul revue feel here and there. The lyrics are pretty straight forward, too.* Concerts by this band must achieve some sort of lift-off transcendence that’s so rare in rock and roll, hard-earned and rarin’ to go. This is good time music, plain and simple, no mucking about with pretentions or affectations. This band will stomp those who try.

Put this on and rock the fuck out! Go go GO!

I loved this. Danko rules!

born a lion






* It should be noted that while Play The Blues is a great riff, a fun song, and it’s cool to hear some of my blues heroes shouted-out in the song, the chorus pay-off is pretty silly. I mean, way to tick off the majority population on the planet, silly Danko. My lovely wife (who has not given me anything even closely resembling the blues in our almost two decades together), just rolled her eyes at this one. Haha.

21 thoughts on “Collaboration Week #2: Danko Jones – Born A Lion

  1. J. says:

    Sounds like you scored good with the CDs there, fella. This one sounds ace. As I posted over at Mike’s, I’m now in the mood to listen to the only Danko Jones album I own and reassessing my opinion that I probably didn’t need more than one album.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah, even now and then there’s goodness to be had, for sure. Still gotta wade through a lot of shite to find the gems though! BAL is a fantastic record, just put it on and crank it up woooo! Getting more Danko is never a bad thing. Building a collection of his stuff would be like building a riff library – like an AC/DC collection!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah somebody must’ve been ditching a bunch of stuff. Why anyone would toss in Danko CDs (in perfect shape) is beyond me.

      I still call it the junk shop though because these are rare scores. The piles of shite I have to wade through to find gems like these would deter many hardy CD shoppers.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. keepsmealive says:

          I’m a parent of two kids under the age of 6. Patience comes with the territory. 😉

          You have been the recipient! I’m glad I can text you pics of stuff, never know what you need (or don’t).

          Liked by 1 person

    2. James Kalyn says:

      You’ve got some I still need. I have Below the Belt, Born a Lion, B-Sides, and Never Too Loud on CD, and Fire Music, Rock and Roll is Black and Blue, and Sleep is the Enemy on iTunes.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mikeladano says:

        Never Too Loud is one of the ones I own. In fact I caught shit and endless ribbing for choosing “Take Me Home” as my #1 Sausagefest pick that year. It was deemed a wimpy choice, but it did get played!


          1. mikeladano says:

            On this rare occasion…I will say that it did hurt at the time. I was hoping and kinda expecting everybody to dig it as much as me. I actually stopped going for a couple years after that.

            But all’s forgiven now, needless to say.


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