Collaboration Week #5: Custom Priest Box Set Mania!

Custom Priest Box Set Mania!


Welcome to an exciting week of collaboration with Mike! Yes, you read that correctly: A WHOLE WEEK! You lucky Readers, we’ll be bringing you tons of goodness. We haven’t read each other’s reviews in advance, so let’s see what happens…



No seriously, go read Mike’s thing first (click that link). Why? Because he knows what all of this is, what album it is from, and why he chose it. My story about this one is… a little less detailed. You see…

For a long time now, Mike and I have traded music back and forth. Sometimes it’s official releases, sometimes it’s burned CD-Rs like this. I don’t remember much about this except that it turned up in the mail in one of Mike’s care packages to me, ages ago. It kicks serious ass.

But here’s the thing about it:

I like Priest. And I now, as of this post, own several of their albums. But when I received this, I didn’t own any Priest, and I had probably said to Mike, in passing, something along the lines of “one of these days I need to get to Priest and really hear what they’re all about.” And then this turns up in the mail. 5 CDs of personally-selected Priest songs from Lebrain. And in these ways, we know that life is very, very good indeed.

The only problem was, there was no track listing included, just CD-Rs labelled “1,” “2,” etc. Hell, they don’t even have the band’s name on them, and they’re those CD-Rs made to look like old 45s, so there wasn’t much room to write on them. Also, the CDs had been burned with no track information/tags on the songs. So I had 5 CDs of Priest that sounded great but, being the Priest noob that I was at the time, apart from the hits everyone knows, I had no idea, really, what most of it was.

But the beauty of having it this way was that it hardly mattered. I would plug these CDs in and let ’em ride and it all kicked ass. All of it. They sounded especially great in the car. I’m not usually a fan of live tracks on compilations, but these ones here are fantastic so I really don’t care.  I know now that these discs cover everything up to Nostradamus. I don’t know if anything here is rare – Mike’s review will probably tell you that.

I still play these CDs. They’re a great one-stop Priest overload, straight from the collection of a big fan of the band, and a guy who sure knows how to do it up right. Thanks, Mike!

Now seriously, go read Mike’s post about this!

Bonus Treat:

For this collaborative post, it turned out that Mike still had the track listing for these CDs on his hard drive and he happily (finally!) shared them with me. Check out this track list!

Disc 1

One For The Road
Rocka Rolla
Diamonds and Rust
Dreamer Deceiver
Caviar and Meths
Dissident Aggressor
Better By You, Better Than Me
Race With The Devil
Stained Class
Beyond The Realms of Death
Delivering The Goods
Rock Forever
Burnin’ Up
The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
Take On The World
Hell Bent For Leather

Disc 2

Victim of Changes (Live)
Sinner (Live)
The Ripper (Live)
Breaking The Law (Live)
You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise
Living After Midnight
The Rage
Desert Plains
Heading Out To The Highway
Turnin’ Circles
Riding On The Wind
(Take These) Chains
You Got Another Thing Comin’
Devil’s Child
The Hellion / Electric Eye (Live)
Steeler (Live)

Disc 3

Love Bites
Rock Hard Ride Free
The Sentinel
Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
Night Comes Down (Live)
Heavy Duty
Defenders of the Faith
Turbo Lover
Parental Guidance
Out In The Cold (Live)
Metal Gods (Live)
Freewheel Burning (Live)
Ram It Down
Hard As Iron
Blood Red Skies

Disc 4

Heart of a Lion (Demo)
Hell Patrol
One Shot at Glory
Rapid Fire ‘98
Burn In Hell
A Touch of Evil (Live)
Blood Stained (Live)
One On One
Feed On Me
What’s My Name
Running Wild (Live)
The Ripper (Live)
Diamonds and Rust (Live)
The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) ‘98

Disc 5

Judas Rising
Worth Fighting For
Hellrider (Live)
Between the Hammer & the Anvil (Live)
Eat Me Alive (Live)
Dawn of Creation
Death (Live)
Calm Before The Storm

I know! By the time you hit that last track, your ass is well and truly kicked.

So. Much. Greatness!  \m/  \m/



And here we reach the end of our first-ever Collaboration Week between KMA and Thanks heaps, Mike! And thanks to everyone for reading along this week – it was great fun for us, hope you had fun reading! Thanks to James for throwing in on Danko on Tuesday, too. Hooray for community!!

14 thoughts on “Collaboration Week #5: Custom Priest Box Set Mania!

    1. keepsmealive says:

      You knew I would enjoy it! In retrospect, it was kind of neat to go in blind. The music had to stand on its own, without introduction.

      If anything else, this is just proof that record labels should pay you to compile boxed sets for them. It’s fantastic.

      I enjoyed this too! I honestly don’t remember who came up with the idea, but it’s a great one and I think we need to do it again! Thanks, Mike! (and James!)


      1. mikeladano says:

        I disagree. I think record labels should pay YOU to put together B-side compulations 😉

        It was your idea to do the whole week, but the initial seed was I saw that James was going to see Danko in concert soon. That started the conversation about Danko, and the three of us decided to do our first three way review. But the week was your idea!


        1. keepsmealive says:

          Well there, they should hire us both. You do the discography-spanning boxed sets, I’ll do rarities sets. DO YOU HEAR THIS, RECORD LABELS? HIRE US NOW PLEASE!

          I looked for the emails that started all of this but don’t seem to have kept them, so if you say it was me, I guess I’ll have to take the credit 😉 Daaaamn man, I really DO have all the good ideas! DO YOU HEAR THAT, RECORD LABELS? HIRE ME! Hahaha

          Liked by 1 person

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