Sunday Musing…

As I’ve probably made fairly clear in these pages, I spend a lot of time in thrift shops and used record stores. I am an inveterate bargain hunter. Also, I’m always looking for that gem-like needle in the proverbial haystack, that one record I never thought I’d see, in some unusual/unlikely place.

I’ve lived in three provinces in this great country, and have travelled lots of places besides, here in Canada and abroad, and I always, always look for the record/second-hand shops (that also sell music) in town. Never know when something I’m after will turn up!

But I have to say, that in all of those years, I think I can prove that Prince was wrong.

I have never, ever once seen a raspberry beret in any of those places.


16 thoughts on “Musing…

            1. mikeladano says:

              Fair enough! It was better for me too but only because in 1999 my drunk boss was trying to talk me into coming out and drinking with the group and I had no desire to. Nothing worse than a drunk boss who needs to be the center of the social universe!


                1. mikeladano says:

                  And I hate being “dragged out” so to speak. I guess you’d say it’s one of my triggers. If I wanna stay in and somebody’s pulling on my arm saying, “Nooooooo…come out…it will be fuuuuun”…it just gets me frustrated!


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