A Collection Of Things

A Collection Of Things

1) Listening to INXS in the car with my three-year-old daughter yesterday, she asked me “Daddy, who’s Mr. Fine?” I thought I hadn’t heard her correctly. She repeated it, and then I realized: Mystify.

2) A little later, INXS still playing in the stereo, my daughter says to me “Daddy, that man sure is handy.” What? Who’s handy, sweetheart? “The man singing. He sure is handy!” OK, sweetie, whatever you say!*

And finally, on a non-INXS-related note,

3) Catching up on our John Oliver on the Tubes Of You last night, and came across the following… The subject: The IRS. To sing about the need to cut them some slack for the job they do? Michael Bolton. Keyword: anus. Several times.

Sit through this, it’s worth it.**


*Being (what I believe to be) a fairly good Daddy, I avoided telling her that he hasn’t been around to be handy to anyone for a long time, now [Wiki tells me it’s been 18 years]. And I especially avoided telling her why. I just let her enjoy the song.

** I have only included the song portion. If you want the full segment that leads up to the song, go here.

10 thoughts on “A Collection Of Things

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah! Oh man she spits this stuff out all the time. I could probably do a blog just of the cool stuff she says (it’s not always music-related).

      You know, that Mystify comment of hers would have been good on my misheard lyrics post a while back…


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