Sam Roberts Band Session Ale

Sam Roberts Band Session Ale

The other day, I had occasion to be in our local liquor (lick her? I hardly know her!) store. In the mood for something different, I saw this beer in the cooler room. I’d seen it there a while ago (I believe I’d texted James a picture, way back when) and I was happy to discover that it was still there. The time was right to try it!

Look at all the majesty!






Everything about the packaging is very aesthetically pleasing. Dark glass bottles, no-twist caps, the orange and black together look sharp, and the vinyl record incorporated into it all is classy and perfect. The sides of the box were also informative and interesting. Click the photos below to make them bigger and read the text!

It was time to give ‘er!

And of course, I simply could not take the first sip without…

SRB Session Ale… check. Cupface… check. Serious eyebrow action… check.










And how does it taste? To me, friggin’ fantastic. It’s hoppy without being heavy like a lot of beers of this kind. I’m a big fan of Guiness, the Nectar Of The Gods, and while this Session Ale is nothing at all like Guiness, a lot of beers that try to be flavourful and darker just end up being overbearing. Also, often times, the nose of some of these beers assaults you so hard you can’t even get your lips to the glass, or they’ll overdo it on one note, like citrus or something like that, so it’s all you can taste. This one is not at all difficult by aroma or taste. It’s an eminently drinkable ale.

My lovely wife is not a beer drinker, but she wanted to try this one. She tried a good sip and gave it two thumbs up, said it was very enjoyable.

So there you go, the Sam Roberts Band Session Ale is really damn good. I don’t know that our international Readers will be able to find it in their local booze shoppe (it’d be nice if you could), but I found it in our LCBO here in my small town (6-pack was $13.95) and I would buy it again any time.

Brother Down… time for another!








More information on this beer can be found here!

Here’s the LCBO description!

And if you’re a beer afficiando and really wish I had used your fancypants beer snob terminology in my little blurb here, there are a whole bunch of reviews of it right here!

19 thoughts on “Sam Roberts Band Session Ale

  1. stephen1001 says:

    Haha, you beat me to it! I’ve been enjoying it recently too, deelish. I was hoping to find the Sam Roberts Record Store day Vinyl for cheap & post a photo of the beer with the LP, some sort of write-up saying they pair nicely. Alas I couldn’t find the LP.
    But I found the 6-pack at least, glad you did too, eminently drinkable indeed!


  2. mikeladano says:

    Great review and great IDEA for a review! Kinda makes me wish I still drank beer! (Not a taste thing, just a medication thing.) I didn’t know about this either. I guess I would if I travelled to the Lick-Bo more often!

    Finally, the Cup-Eyebrow-Face: You sir have upped the game. That’s awesome.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks Mike. It is indeed a tasty beverage, but you have good reasons for not giving it a whirl just now. It’s a cool thing for SRB to do. I’m glad OLP hasn’t done one – it’d probably taste too much like WHINE.

      Haven’t I done the Cupface Eyebrow (patent pending) before? Hm…


  3. Deke says:

    Best both you guys it’s 9 am ..hahaha….had no idea Roberts did the wine thingy! Cool review and good to see you visiting your local LickBo! (LCBO)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Haha Lickbo. Yeah, also known as the LC (for all you fans of SLOOOO-OOOOAAANN!!!)

      Haha not wine, Deke, beer! Yeah this was a good one. If you see it in your Lickbo, give ‘er!


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