Jian Ghomeshi, Pt. 8

Jian Ghomeshi, Pt.8

This news is already 5 days old, so I’ve likely lost Deke’s high esteem as the Peter Mansbridge of music blogging news. But two charges of assault against Jian Ghomeshi have been dropped, leaving him still to face 5 charges of sexual assault and one of overcoming resistance by choking. One of the charges dropped allegedly happened right in here in my town, at our annual festival where everyone obnoxiously pretends to love folk music for three days and then promptly ignores it for the rest of the year: Toronto Star

Huffington Post says trials aren’t until February and June of 2016. Way to go, justice system, for always keeping things current: Huff Post

Christine Blatchford reports that charges being dropped pre-trial is normal (all deference to the victims being dismissed, of course?): National Post

Toronto Star journalist says he will not reveal identities of alleged Ghomeshi victims in his upcoming book about Ghomeshi. In other news, there’s an upcoming book about Ghomeshi: cbc.ca

And in case you missed it, the CBC also helpfully re-linked to the Fifth estate’s piece called The Unmaking Of Jian Ghomeshi: 5th Estate

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