Organizing The Organizing

Organizing The Organizing

As the recent discovery of a duplicate Ani DiFranco album (purchased on this trip to Taranna) has highlighted, my have/want list of albums is woefully out of date. And the Ani was only one example – further digging proves that my master list is definitely not current. It surprises me a little, considering that it feels like I just updated it not that long ago… Anyway.

I’m going to need to get my shit together. First, I have to make sure everything is in order in the man cave. I have had all of my CDs and DVDs in boxes, recently, as I upgraded the shelving and made some (fairly) major changes in my music room. So it’s entirely possibly that things have gotten out of hand, with all the reorganization in the room, and I’ll need to sort it all out once and for all.

I also intend to cull through, as I go, and see if there are any lingering CDs I can purge. This will add to the time, of course.

I also need to make sure I have every disc in my iTunes and, if not, rip it post-haste!

Then, I need to make sure it’s all up to date on my typed list. And all of this will hopefully be done before we go back to Taranna. I have a deadline (June 10). I can do deadlines!

It’s a very good thing I have a couple of weeks to do all of this, as it’s likely going to be a fairly large undertaking.


Another thing I noticed was that my cell phone (an HTC One S with android) was having trouble opening the larger text file and scrolling through the list. It kept saying there wasn’t enough memory, but the phone had plenty of memory available. This baffles me, because a .txt file isn’t very large in size (it’s an RTF .txt file that’s 201KB. Seriously, the phone is choking on kilobytes?… Whoa). And for the sake of information, it was created using Mac’s free text editor named, appropriately, TextEdit. It’s the same as Windows’ Wordpad, I’d wager.

One thought I had was that maybe I need to make it a plain text file instead of rich text file, see if that made it smaller… and it did, bringing it down from 201KB to 143KB. But this is quibbling over friggin’ KB. This is 2015, not 1985, it should blast that little file open so friggin’ fast…

So, if the phone is still choking on that (!?), I thought maybe I need to break things up alphabetically, like separate files for #ABCD, and EFGHI, and so on. The smaller files might open and run more easily, and it’d be a simple enough matter to close and open the appropriate files as I go through the bins alphabetically in the shops.

One of our friends, visiting for the long weekend, suggested turning the file into a .pdf file. They’re generally compressed, and it’d only need to be read-only anyway. Now, it is true that my phone has a .pdf viewer, but I exported the file as a .pdf and it sits at 323KB, so it’s larger!

At any rate, the first step is going to be getting into the (recently upgraded) man cave, making sure everything is in order, item by item, making all of that jive with what I have in my iTunes, and updating my list for our June trip to the city. It’s going to be fun going back through everything, of course, and I can jam along with the some sweet, sweet tunes as I do the work… my component stereo, with the gorgeous Rega turntable, is in there… It’s actually easy to lose hours in that room… But this project will still eat up quite a bit of free time over the next couple of weeks.

I’ll gladly accept any advice you guys have about opening files on an Android phone (it uses Polaris Office, or PDF Viewer for .pdfs). Perhaps I’ve missed something. I still can’t fathom how a file so small could require more memory to open, but this was the error I was getting on the phone, even when I completely shut it down and restarted it.

Anyway, let’s give ‘er!


16 thoughts on “Organizing The Organizing

  1. 1537 says:

    I use an iPhone app called Music Collector, which syncs between PC, phone and iPad. I’d really recommend – BUT it would mean starting out from scratch again.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I’d love an iPhone (it’d talk nicely to my iMac), but they may as well be Japanese imports here. They’re very expensive. We just chose cheap and functional – like I said, I don’t even use it as a phone. But my real issue here is it struggling to open a file of 200 frickin’ KILOBYTES. I just don’t understand.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. mikeladano says:

    This speaks to me. I made a mistake of re-buying that one CD from your Taranna trip. That’s not the only one I’ve bought twice by accident.

    I need to get my own personal list (just a Word file) updated. That would be a fun day.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I’ve re-bought albums so many times. I’d say artists should thank me, but it’s usually used copies haha.

      You should spend that day. It’s worth it, because the next time you;re out and wondering if you have this or that already, you’re gonna wish you had! Hence this post. And I’ve already started, on my end. It’ll be a big job. BUt I’ll get there, and it’ll be worth it.


  3. Sarca says:

    Hm. Curious problem you have there, Aaron!
    Having been a transcriptionist for 6+ years, I could have told you PDF files are naturally larger than RTF / txt files, because PDFs are basically image files which can be large, RTFs are plain text. You are definitely on the right track. The problem might lie with your phone.

    I checked the specs of the HTC One S – very similar to my Galaxy S2! Older phones…no data plan…16 gigs of memory though. Should be plenty of room, so I don’t think your stored memory is the problem…the phone’s “working” memory might be suffering. Meaning: do you have a lot of apps open at once? If you have, like the Chrome app, Youtube, Google Play, Soltaire (lol) and Polaris Office running, these might be bogging your phone down and causing you not to have enough processing power to compete the action of viewing your RTF file, in which case you may get the “not enough memory” action. Your phone is older…mine does this once in awhile, and sometimes I check to see what apps are running in the background and close them. You might have something “open” and not know it! Start there.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Oh heck yes, this phone is older. HTC isn’t even updating it anymore – the last update I downloaded was it. There’ll be no more support. I know this. But we’re finishing out our plan, and for what we use them for (mostly text only – I don’t ever use it as a phone), they’re more than enough. Except for this.

      I wonder why my friend thought pdfs were smaller. Ah well.

      I don’t have a data plan, so all of that stuff you listed is usually off when I have the phone in my pocket. WiFi is off anyway, since I really refuse to read internet on that small screen. I do not game on my phone. But for applications, text is ready to receive and that’s about it. Unless shit is running in the background that I don’t know about… That’s why I was baffled. My phone is about as bare and stripped down as one could have it and it still choked on a file of 200KB. WTF. I know I can go in and disable Play and all that, maybe I will. I never use it anyway. But why that might stop Polaris from opening a file is beyond my technical knowledge.


  4. J. says:

    I keep a Wordpad file stored in the ol’ Dropbox too. Handy for listing stuff I’ve discovered here and elsewhere on the WordPress World. See an album that’s name rings a bell I’ll have a shifty to see if it’s on there …


      1. J. says:

        I rarely use the internets when I’m not hooked up to Wi-Fi, so export the file to the phone or card memory whenever I update it. Leave it in the Dropbox, though – just in case I need it. Though I guess the problem would still exist, right enough – the issues with the opening of said file.


  5. fishface says:

    I have the same problem with duplicate purchases of LPs, so a while back I created a database on my laptop which theoretically I update each week or so with new purchases, saving a pdf file into Dropbox. On my Android phone I can access Dropbox anywhere that I can get a signal, but as that is variable where I live, I download a copy of the pdf from Dropbox into my phone’s Download Folder. I’m constantly referring to it when out hunting – works for me!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Every week or so? I bow to your superior organizational consistency! Haha I am nowhere near that on top of it, though I do understand that once I get it all up to date, it’d only be new things coming in that’d be update as I go. That’d be sweet. It’s kind of like my dream of having blurbed out everything I own, then only needing to do new things…

      Sadly, my phone doesn’t have a data plan that allows internets anywhere I am. I require WiFi for internet use, and most shops don’t have it. Dropbox would be a great suggestion, though, if I had it. Do you find it opens up quickly? Your database, is it in Excel, or a text file (Word or Wordpad)?


      1. fishface says:

        Well I guess I’m lucky to have a good enough signal on my mobile phone most of the time, but because the signal varies where I live, I download my latest Dropbox file to my phone’s download folder, so it can be opened any time, signal or not. When creating the spreadsheet, I use a MacBook Pro and my software is Open Office, free to download and use for non-commercial reasons. Once the spreadsheet is saved, I make a .pdf copy which I put into dropbox. This can be read by any device that I use.


        1. keepsmealive says:

          We’ve never put a plan on our phones that allows internet access without WiFi, so I don’t often have access unless I’m in a library, or a coffee shop. kDropbox is a neat idea, but most shops don’t have free WiFi. This is why I thought a simple .txt file would do it.

          I have an iMac and I use Open Office (thanks for the pro tip, Sarca!) and it’s all great. But my crappy old phone struggles with a .txt file of a couple hundred KB. An Open Office spreadsheet is far bigger, so I’m doubting it wouldn’t choke on it. I dunno, I’ve never tried. I suppose I could, but I don’t have great hopes for it…

          Maybe I need to go back to printing everything off. Mike had a good chuckle at that, me wandering around the shops with a stack of 30 sheets of paper in my hands…

          Thanks for your ideas!!!


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