Bad Religion – The Process Of Belief

Man, as far as post content, I’m really dining out on the goodies I found in Toronto in May! But I’m finally coming to the end of them now. All that’s left is the stuff I found in the venerable Sonic Boom. I love Sonic Boom.

Bad Religion – The Process Of Belief

I couldn’t believe I found this one for $2.99. The CD is in perfect shape, as is the slipcover. The interior booklet was crunchy from someone spilling something on it (likely beer, ha!) but I wobbled it around a bit and it’s alright. None of the pages are stuck together. I’m not in it for the booklet anyway.

So what can I say about this 2003 album except it’s friggin’ fantastic. I’m a BR fan anyway, because they have this sound that no one else has and I always perk right up when I hear them. I haven’t ever heard a bad album from them, and this one is certainly no different. It’s also exciting because this is the album where their original guitarist, Brett Gurewitz, returned to the band. They sound complete with him in the ranks.

They even play with the sound a bit, songs like Broken bringing acoustic guitar to the intro and verses. Sorrow flirts with being a rocksteady tune before blasting into the BR punk. Evangeline plays their usual at half speed to strong effect.

As always, the lyrics are the real meat here, giving the listener tons to think about. Politics, personal issues, you name it. This band expects you think, there’s no chance to be passive here. It’s your life. Go do something about it!

Bad Religion. Fuckin’ right.

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