Bad Religion – The Dissent Of Man

Here’s another gem from my Sonic Boom scores during our Taranna trip in May!

Bad Religion – The Dissent Of Man

Once again, I can’t believe I got this total gem for $2.99. Sure, it has a hole-punch through the bar code in the tray liner, but everything else is like new. I know that they drastically under-charged for this one.

Oh man, Bad Religion in 2010, 30 years of kicking our asses with awesomeness, and still so bloody strong. They haven’t lost a step at all.

The tracks here are either their trademark rapid-fire delivery or that sweet half-tempo groove they do so well. They tried to group them in twos and threes. All of it is great.

You know what’s on here… you know the energy, you know the messages, you know the sound. Same thing as I talked about yesterday, they’re here to wake you up. They want you to engage your brain and figure out what matters to you and your community, and they want you to do something with your life. It’s your choice whether you do it or not, but you know what we’re hoping for, right? Get in there and give ‘er!

4 thoughts on “Bad Religion – The Dissent Of Man

  1. stephen1001 says:

    Just got back from Taranna myself!
    Did you hit “Play De Record” (367A Yonge Street) on your May trip? If not, it’s worth a stop on your June trip, picked up a couple for the 1001 there on Friday.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Excellent, was it a dedicated record shopping trip? 🙂

      You know what’s funny, PDR is two blocks from the hotel where we’re staying. I went by in the morning, but it wasn’t open yet, and then I never went back to it because I got distracted by other places…

      I seem to recall that that place has been there for years, and I’ve never gone in because of the big sign that claims it’s “Toronto’s #1 Dance Music Store.” That’s not my bag at all, so I’ve always skipped it. Go figure.

      This trip I will go. Thanks for the pro tip!


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