Happy Father’s Day To Me, Indeed!

Happy Father’s Day To Me, Indeed!

I’ve gotta say, being a Dad is reward enough. These kids are the greatest, and I’ve already been afforded the coolest job in the world – stay-at-home Dad!

But then there’s this thing called Father’s Day. And the kids made me homemade cards, and breakfast in bed! I had pancakes, eggs, strawberries, two kinds of yogurt mixed together (my son’s idea), and strong black coffee! And when I was done eating, the kids jumped on me and there was wrestling and pillow-fight mayhem for a good while!

And you’d think that’d be awesome enough. I wouldn’t disagree.

But no, my lovely family made sure the day was even more perfect by presenting me with this gorgeous LP of Guided By Voices’ Bee Thousand!

bee thousand
Look at the MAJESTY!







It should be fairly well-known around these parts that this is a high-up favourite album of all time for me. And yes, I have the CD. But I was quite excited, a while back, when Scat Records announced they’d be re-issuing it on LP, especially considering original copies range $165-$225 and up (depending on the colour of the vinyl – there was blue, red, white, clear, etc). I posted about this reissue in these pages, at the time.

Anyway, when we were in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, I found this LP in Sonic Boom, and was really, really, really tempted to buy it… But I left it. WHY? WHY? WHY WOULD I DO THAT? Well… because I have the CD, and because I already had a lot of other (rarer) things and my money was shot and I reasoned (took a chance) that I would still be able to get a copy when Mike and I go back to the city in the fall. I have no way of knowing that will be true (it could sell out), but it was a chance I would take.

I told my lovely wife about my choice (she’d made the ‘mistake’ of asking me how my record shopping went! haha boy did she get an ecstatic earful!) and she was obviously listening because on Sunday morning, this slice of vinyl heaven came into my life. Thanks heaps, sweetie!



* Photo credit to Scat Records. I tried getting a shot as good as this with my crap cell phone (and failed), so I just borrowed it. 🙂


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