Dave Bidini – Writing Gordon Lightfoot

This was actually a total score I got from BMV in Toronto on our trip in May. It’s just taken me this long to get around to reading it…

Dave Bidini – Writing Gordon Lightfoot

Dave Bidini is a hero of mine. Not only was he in the venerable Rheostatics, and maker of excellent solo records too, but he’s written a whole bunch of fantastic books too! Long may he run!

When I found this book on our trip to Toronto, of course I had to snap it right up. I am so glad I did. Written as letters to Lightfoot himself, this book is well-researched, funny, and full of memories. The story of one week in Lightfoot’s life in 1970, it’s Gord’s story, Dave’s story, and Canada’s story, from that time, too. A history lesson as much as it is a personal memoir, it’s compulsive, compulsory reading.

In looking this one up online, I was a little surprised to find quite a few negative reviews claiming that it’s a waste of time, poorly written, lacking substance. Did they read they same book I did? Can they not see it for what it is? He never claims it’s a biography of Lightfoot, just a snapshot of one short period, and his own stories and memories as a fan. Ah well, we’re all entitled to our opinions.

Me? I say get this, it’s a great read by an excellent writer in our current Canadian landscape.

writing lightfoot

21 thoughts on “Dave Bidini – Writing Gordon Lightfoot

  1. 1inspirationlady says:

    I think Dave approached me thru a website I moderate (since 1999) that is a fanbased Lightfoot site with a discussion board. I’ve been a Lightfoot fan for 45 years here in TOronto. We chatted about my fandom, how Gordon and I have come to know each other since around 2001 and our subsequent phone chats and his singing a song in concert just for me. It’s not one that is ever in the setlists unless he knows I’ll be in attendance. “”I’ll Tag Along”” is ‘our’ song.lol.. 😉 He changes up the setlist for me… 🙂 He’s done it as a surprise for me at Mariposa/Orillia for my birthday, in Florida, at a small venue in TO, and in Tarrytown NY.. In Dec.2005 the Toronto Sun did a full page article about me and Gordon and last November the Toronto Star did one… GOrdon loved them both. The STAR one had him say – “look-we’re on the front page!” to me..lol… http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/2014/11/30/gordon_lightfoot_superfans_cherish_every_show.html and videos – https://www.youtube.com/user/lightfootfan/search?query=i%27ll+tag+along Dave and I talked about my experiences with Gordon and I put others in touch with him thru the website (corfid dot com) It was great when the book came out and I went to the book launch and met him. He’s a terrific writer and I enjoy his weekly blogs and columns in the National Post newspaper here in TO. We have Massey conventions when he’s here and people (Net People as Gordon calls us) come from all over the world..been doing it since 2001…every 18 months except for when he was ill in 2002/2003/2004. I’ve been to about 120-130 concerts since early/mid 70’s… It’s nice that Dave mentioned me in his book and I could help him in any way…Char


    1. keepsmealive says:

      WOW! I love you have a ‘song’ just for you. Long-time fans (and Net People) like you are solid gold (Gord’s Gold, perhaps? 🙂 ). It blows my mind to think you’ve seen him 120-130 times. We’re big fans, here, but that’s a level of fandom that far surpasses anything I’ve ever heard of before! And to have him respond in kind, that’s truly a story for a lifetime. I’m also pleased to hear that Mr. Bidini is a gem to work with, it fits my image of him. 🙂 We’re really thrilled you took the time to share. Thanks so much!


  2. 1inspirationlady says:

    and I get a couple of mentions in the book…lol… I think it’s a great premise for a book and really enjoyed it.. meeting Dave at the book launch in TO was a bonus…!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks! It was totally an accident – I just clicked Apply instead of back and it looked cool, then I started tweaking it to look better and now…

      It’s a cool book. Pick up anything by Bidini. They’re all great.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. keepsmealive says:

          Well honestly, it’s just getting in there and goofing around. As you know, you can test drive each theme and see what your page look like, what options the theme offers for customization. Just like trying on clothes at the store. I always just click around until I find one that looks neat and fills all the needs of the site. I also always make sure I’m on the Free themes. I ain’t cheap, but I just can’t see paying for one.

          I think you’d be the best one to know how you want your site to look (if you want a change), so all it would take is an hour of your tie, just trying out the themes. I’ll bet you can find a bunch you like. 🙂


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Haha thanks Sarca! I quite like the new theme, though the other ones was just fine. A happy accident, hitting Apply instead of back in the Themes section.

      Also, I’d recommend this Bidini book. Great great stuff.

      Hey did I tell you I got the It’s A Good Life book in Taranna?


            1. keepsmealive says:

              Ha no apologies required. I just post this crap and if people read it, cool!

              I mean, er, WHAT?!?! You mean you aren’t hanging on my every word?!?! What’s WRONG with you??? Hahahaha 🙂


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