Tom Cochrane And Red Rider

When I was digging in the bins at She Said Boom! in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, I learned that they have boxes underneath the LP bins. Those boxes are where they put the LPs they’re selling for $1.00. Yep, that’s right. $1!

Tom Cochrane And Red Rider

Of course, if I’d been thinking about it at all, I would have posted this up yesterday, for Canada Day, because this 1986 album just screams Canada to me. It just sounds like home, in the best possible way.

On the back cover of this LP, there’s a line at the bottom that says “Suit me up, I’m ready to go.” Sounds an awful lot like a GIVE ‘ER, to me! Attaboy, Tommy! Here’s a quick and dirty run-down of the tunes, from my point-form notes jotted as I listened:

Side A:
Boy Inside The Man – you know this song, it’s a classic, and a huge hit.
Love Under Fire – very 80s, with a very familiar (but elusive, to me) bass line.
Untouchable One – another one you’ll know, a template TC&RR tune!
Lasting Song – has a sweet build, more great Red Rider magic.
Citizen Cain – straight up rocker a la Mellencamp, even Springsteen. Yes!

Side B:
Ashes To Diamonds – bluesy 80s sythn dirty alley rocker.
The Loading – very 80s, slinky beat, funky groove.
Ocean Blues (Emotion Blue) – could be a lost Bryan Adams track. Cool!
River Of Stone – 80s pop rock, twinges of the Police as done by TC&RR. Great drum outro.
One More Time (Some Old Habits) – another rocker, busy track, huge sound.

In Sum:

All throughout this album, Cochrane’s distinctive voice resonates with so much power, lifting these strong songs to new levels. This album is full of fantastic lyrics and great playing. Recommended very much!



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