Wynton Marsalis Quartet – Live At Blues Alley (2LP)

Whilst in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, I took the opportunity to stop by Kops Records at their Bloor/Markham location. I could have spent many, many dollars in there. There were so many vinyl tresures to be had! Alas, I had to be mindful of my expenditures as I had more stops to go, so I had to be good. However, I did get a couple of real goodies at Kops. This was one of my scores from there…

Wynton Marsalis Quartet – Live At Blues Alley (2LP)

I got this beautiful set, in pristine shape, for only $9.99. Imagine! Even though that price is totally commensurate with Discogs’ listings, it’s still such a steal, to me. As I may have mentioned, I was the jazz kid in high school, and I bought it on double cassette* on a trip to the USA with my family. I loved it to pieces. Time and distance makes it certain I cannot remember what happened to that old copy.

Hearing it again now filled me with so much love. I still knew every note, even after all this time. Captured in December of 1986, this recording captured an ace band at the top of their game. Marsalis demands attention, each of the players do in equal measures, and the whole band digs deep. This is glorious stuff played with real emotion. There are too many highlight moments to list, but as you can see from the track listings below, this is a highly recommended live set!

Just Friends
Knozz-Moe-King (Interlude)
Delfeayo’s Dilemma
Chambers Of Tain
Juan (E. Mustaad)
Au Privave
Knozz-Moe-King (Interlude)
Do you Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans
Juan (Skip Mustaad)
Autumn Leaves
Knozz-Moe-King (Interlude)
Skain’s Domain
Much Later

blues alley






* It’s weird, because Discogs doesn’t even list a 2CS copy of this album, today. But I clearly remember having it!

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