Rheostatics – Night Of The Shooting Stars

Here’s another absolute gem from the amazing Sonic Boom, found during our most recent trip to Toronto. We played this one in the car on the way home from our trip, and I fell in love with it all over again…

Rheostatics – Night Of The Shooting Stars

I can’t pick favourites. I love all the Rheos albums. And this one is no different, chock full of great songs and creative fun genius. Honestly, that could be written about any of their albums…

I used to own this record, back when we lived in Saskatoon, and I know for sure that I suffered a total brain fart and sold it off before we moved. So often in my life, I’ve gone looking for an album and then realized I sold it off and, quite honestly, stood before my CD shelf and said “fuck!” But no matter, I’ve secured another copy and now all is right with the world again.

One of my favourite tunes of theirs opens up this one, the wonderfully titled These Days Are Good For The Canadian Conservative Youth Party Alliance. Haha what a great tune. Then there’s Mumbletypeg, the beauty of We Went West (“I find the tightest knit live in wide open spaces”) and… oh hell. Every track here is an absolute gem. A perfect record.

This band is deserving of all praise.

Buy this. Buy it yesterday.

night of the shooting stars

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