Sopranos: Music From the HBO Original Series

Still going on the greatness found at Sonic Boom in June…

The Sopranos: Music From The HBO Original Series

My lovely wife and I binge-watched the Sopranos a long while ago, and we absolutely loved it. At first, she wasn’t so sure about it. Gangsters aren’t really what she wants to watch, and as a therapist for her job, gratuitous violence is pointless and unnecessary when there’s enough real violence in the world. But that duck in the pool (you know what I mean) hooked her. Yes, it was violent in lots of spots, but she got through it by choice.

Anyway, as anyone who’s seen it knows, music played a huge and integral role in the series. I was really excited to find this CD in the Sonic Boom bins for $2.99. Score!

And what’s here? Well, try this:

A3 – Woke Up This Morning (Chosen One Mix)
R.L. Burnside – It’s Bad You Know
Frank Sinatra – It Was A Very Good Year
Bob Dylan – Gotta Serve Somebody
Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul – Inside Of Me
Cream – I Feel Free
Them – Mystic Eyes
Bruce Springsteen – State Trooper
Bo Diddley – I’m A Man
Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Complicated Shadows
Nick Lowe – Beast In Me
Los Lobos – Viking
Wyclef Jean – Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Eurythmics – I’ve Tried Everything

I know! It’s really a fantastic disc. Lots of tunes to love here. I perk up everytime I hear that A3 track, as (a shortened version) was the intro music to every episode. It’s really an amazing mix of artists, and the songs selected are perfect. And of course Sinatra had to be here. Of course!

Guess what! I loved this disc. Shocker!


28 thoughts on “Sopranos: Music From the HBO Original Series

  1. Sarca says:

    Some great tunes coming from one of my favourite shows EVER! Alabama 3’s tune is awesome. I could replay that show opening over and over. Everything just fits so well. James Gandolfini lighting that cigar, a view of the twin towers in the rear view mirror, and that tune playing. Simply awesome.

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  2. 1537 says:

    Some great tracks here. Worth the cash for the A3 (great band!) and Them.

    My only gripe was that the show’s credits never told you what the music was, so you could explore it later.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yep, lots of coolness here! It was cool to hear the full A3 track (the show intro truncates it, of course). I have a 2CD set of Them and it had that track but it fits this mix perfectly, for sure.

      Wiki usually lists the show music with the episodes. I had the same problem with Mad Men, the credits never said the song title!

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  3. J. says:

    Yeah – they really used music well on that show. Well placed and chosen well. There’s a fair few missing, but I’m assuming this doesn’t cover the entire run?


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Oh my yes, did they ever! And big name acts too. There’s a ton missing, but they used A LOT of songs in the show!

      This CD is from 2000 (Pepper & Eggs was 2007). The series ran 1999-2007, so these two sets seem to bookend it.


      1. J. says:

        Thought that’d be the case (then read the other comments – d’oh!). This CD is a nice catch for sure.

        My favourite musical moments from the Sopranos were hearing Pigeonhed, Rolling Stones (Thru and Thru was just perfect on there) and Shawn Smith. All just perfect!


        1. keepsmealive says:

          Oh yes, tons of cool tunes. They really did everything right.

          Did you have a favourite character? I mean, there were so many. Easy to pick Tony, I mean, Gandolfini just nailed it. But I was always partial, even though she was in the earliest stuff, to the character of Tony’s Mom (RIP Nancy Marchand). She was just spectacular!


            1. keepsmealive says:

              Little Steven! Haha yeah he was cool but all I could picture was him playing with Springsteen…

              Oh man, Christoper and that girlfriend. I mean, I know they were SUPPOSED to be annoying but holy MAN!


            2. keepsmealive says:

              Haha I just had a memory of this great scene, so indicative of how it all went for Christopher throughout the whole series, when he’s trying to get that old guy to get behind that shitty band he was wanting to promote but the dude says no way it’s not a hit, and then they’re walking through the club and the dude says ‘now that’s a hit song!’ about the band Christopher hates (on-stage). Oh man. Such a small scene, but it apparently stuck with me.


          1. J. says:

            Yeah, Tony’s old dear was brilliant. I liked Big Pussy, Paulie and Silvio. They were great. As was Junior. I mean, jeez, the show was packed with great characters …


  4. mikeladano says:

    No Deep Purple? No Bon Jovi?

    My favourite musical moments on the show were three:

    1. Playing cards with David Lee Roth (no tunes)
    2. Hearing Bon Jovi playing in Tony’s strip bar
    3. Hearing Deep Purple when Tony passes out while driving.

    There’s some good tunes on here though, but none that were memorable in the show to me.

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    1. keepsmealive says:

      Of course you’re looking for your guys, I get it. There’s another 2CD set called Pepper And Eggs, and no JBJ or DP there either. No Bocelli either, and you know what a role that song played. I dunno, whomever put this together left them off, maybe just going for the broad strokes. There was so much music in that series they could probably have made eight different discs. I still really liked this CD as it is. Not bad for a couple of bucks (but no weird hair cut).

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