Scornflakes – Scorn In The U.S.A.

This is an awesome LP that I snagged in Sonic Boom during our June Toronto trip. I was checking out the Rolling Stones section and happened to notice, right next to it, the Rollins Band section. Two of my favourite things! This was totally worth the $5.49 I paid for this M condition LP!

Scornflakes – Scorn In The U.S.A.

I know you love quickies, so here’s a quickie timeline to place this record in history:

1986 – Scornflakes (formerly named Regressive Aid) release this record (Rhesus Records BLP-035), recorded live in 1984.

1986 – Rollins leaves Black Flag, does a couple of ‘solo’ records (Hot Animal Machine, and Drive By Shooting) with Chris Haskett (and others).

1987 – Rollins Band begins [w. Scornflakes alums Sim Cain (drums), Andrew Weiss (bass), as well as Haskett (above)].

Alright. Now the music… what a solid fucking blast of hard-hitting groove! I can totally hear the template of the Rollins Band in this, that bottom end built to destroy, the wailing guitar… It’s that sweet, crushing mix of punk and metal that only these players could do like they did it. This was monstrously awesome!

The only real difference is in the vocals. Where Rollins is so physical in his vocals, like he’s trying to bite your head off while simultaneously tackling you to the ground and punching you (all using only his voice!), Scornflakes singer Boy White sneers it out in a voice that sounds like a cross between Perry Farrell, Zach De La Rocha and Jello Biafra. Still awesome! But I couldn’t help hearing Rollins sing this stuff. A long-earned reflex after all that Rollins Band I’ve played, over the years, I suppose.

I also love how there aren’t even any seperate tracks for songs, on this LP. It’s just shut up and go! It looks like this:

Side A (22:13):
Live at City Gardens, NJ (1984-12-29)

Side B (22:36):
Live at CBGB’s, NYC 1985-3-30
Live at City Gardens, NJ (1984-12-29)

Scornflakes Personnel:

E. William Tucker (guitar)
Sim (drums)
Andrew (bass)
Boy White (voice)






* I couldn’t find better pics for the artwork on Discogs, Allmusic or Google. So, I had to do it myself, but the flash washed it all out, and the mood lighting in the mancave made everything glow orange. Trust me, that cover is bright yellow.

7 thoughts on “Scornflakes – Scorn In The U.S.A.

  1. J. says:

    This sounds really pretty ace from your description (Rollins Band fronted with one crazy awesome singer!). I mean, how can that not be good?


    1. keepsmealive says:

      It’s really pretty great, and getting better with each listen! Man that original RB line-up together is like a bomb going off. What a fantastic bunch of players!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Exactly! The music here was really great, very punk but with a solid metal groove bottom end. I’d link you to the youtubes for a taste of it but they don’t seem to have any!


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