Coleman Wilde – It Doesn’t Matter (7″)

Here’s a sweet 45 I totally bought because of nostalgia. Sonic Boom in Toronto charged me $0.99. Deal!

Coleman Wilde – It Doesn’t Matter (7″)

Back in January, I showed off a few cassette singles that I still have kicking around here. One of them was this very same song, so now I own it on 45 and cassette single!

Why? It’s a great song. If you grew up here in Canada, you probably remember it as a beer commercial. Yup, it was written by a couple of commercial/jingle songwriters. There wasn’t ever an album for it, but a little internet searching shows it being on CD as well, on a hockey compilation called Contact 3 – The Third Period. I might have to see if I can find that one, I’d love to have this song on CD too (3 formats!)

Here, go hear the awesomeness yourself:

it doesn't matter

6 thoughts on “Coleman Wilde – It Doesn’t Matter (7″)

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Straight up? Hahaha ah the 80s.

      Still though, as simple as it is, this one was catchy enough to stick with me all these years and the message is still bang-on. 🙂


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