Sloan – Step On It, Jean / Dirty Nails (7″)

This one’s for Mike (and Sloan fans everywhere!). I found this sweet, sweet 45 in Sonic Boom during our trip there in June…

Sloan – Step On It, Jean / Dirty Nails (7″)

When I saw this one, I immediately picked it up. I think you know that instinct, when you’re in a record shop. Your hand just shoots out and snags the record before your brain fully recognizes the action. I like to imagine the word “YOINK!” is involved, when this happens.

Anyway, this was priced at $20, which I thought was a lot for two songs, but I texted James to search it for me, and he found only one copy, and that was around $50. Admittedly, I did hem and haw about actually buying it, as both songs are on the B-Sides Win compilation already. But this is a promo-only 7″ and it was in near-perfect shape, so I gave in to my inner Sloan fan and took the plunge. I’m glad I did, as I’ve never seen it before, I doubt I’d ever see it again and, apparently, it’s worth 2.5 times what I payed for it.

Both songs were b-sides for the Action Pact album (2001). Step On It, Jean is a sweet Sloan rocker complete with harmonies. Dirty Nails is a cover of Toronto’s Pony Da Look’s tune, and they’re pretty faithful to it. Don’t know Pony Da Look? Try this: “This Toronto band’s unusual sound has been described as “medieval ghost pop”, “sexy robot make-out music” and “ABBA and the B-52’s meets a history of organ music”, though the band members themselves prefer “four gargoyles spewing juices from our throats”. Actually, I think I just saw Mr. 1537 salivating…

Sloan signed Pony Da Look to their own record label, Murderecords, in 2007. Sloan’s Chris Murphy and Pony Da Look’s (now former drummer) Rebecca Mendoza welcomed their son Francisco in 2007, as well.

In Sum:

I’m glad I shelled out for the single because I surely wouldn’t see it again and it’s a damn cool collectible. Sure, at Sonic Boom prices I could have gotten about 6 other albums at $3 each for the same money, but SLOOOO-OOOAAANNN!!!!

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