Al Jarreau – High Crime

Walking side streets in Toronto in June, I came across a box at the end of someone’s sidewalk that had a bunch of free stuff in it. I found cassettes! This was one of them… 

This post also concludes my listing of all the music I got during our trip to Toronto in June. Thanks so much to BMV, Kops, Sonic Boom, HMV and the random person who left free stuff by their walkway! I did very, very well, I’d say…

Al Jarreau – High Crime

This 1984 album definitely sounds of its time, very 80s, and it’s a little all over the map. Jazz, pop, funk, rock, even rap… there’s a bit of everything here. It isn’t bad, I can’t blast it completely, but I did find that it all sort of washed together into a mess, over the course of the album, like the dude needs to pick a style and run with it. I also had flashes of certain tunes being perfect for the Top Gun soundtrack. Odd.

Still, can’t beat the price of free! And the dude has won a bunch of Grammys in his long career (so far), so what the heck do I know? Reviews on the Amazons are largely favourable for this release, and power to the fans. This very dated (now) album just wasn’t for me. Perhaps if I’d heard it as a kid in the 80s, it might mean more to me now.

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