John K. Samson – Lyrics and Poems 1997-2012

John K. Samson – Lyrics and Poems 1997-2012

Recently, I shared my thoughts on the Weakerthans’ DVD (“We’re The Weakerthans, We’re From Winnipeg”). Sure do love me some Weakerthans.

And yes, I am saddened that they are splitting up. They made great records, were an excellent live act, and operated on a thought-provoking and classic Canadian level that was just so pleasing to me (and many of the rest of us!). But I will not sully these pages with hopes of a Reunion Tour. They can do as they like. I do hope they continue making music somehow, even if it’s independently. They’re too talented to not keep playing.

Anyway, this all brought my Weakerthans collection into view, and I realized I had a couple of discs missing from it. James has his eyes peeled for me for those. I also did not (until recently) own this book.

Basically, it collects all the lyrics from the four Weakerthans albums, as well as Samson’s solo album called Provincial (also reviewed in these pages). But there are some additions and omissions to note:

Fallow (1997)

– omits the lyrics for The Last Last One, but adds two new poems: Calculations, and Hypothetical.

Left & Leaving (2000)

– omits the lyrics for Slips And Tangles, but adds two new poems: Victory, and Everything Will Be Okay.

Reconstruction Site (2003)

– all album tracks are represented, and adds two new poems: Lament, and Liminal Highway.

Reunion Tour (2007)

– all album tracks are represented, and adds two new poems: Pine, and Tagelied.

Provincial (2012)

– all album tracks are represented. No new poems added.

In Sum:

It’s really cool to have (most of) the lyrics in one tidy little paperback book. I don’t know (off the top of my head) why those two songs would be left out. A shame, really. It would be nice to have the collection complete. Alas.

No matter. Samson often seemed a poet first and a musician second, so this is a natural setting for his work. It’s pretty damn hard to read these lines without hearing his voice singing them, though, and the accompanying music from the band also crashes in. It’s all good. I love those songs anyway. I’m glad I got this book!

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