Emmylou Harris – Bluebird

Emmylou Harris – Bluebird

I dropped the needle on this classic LP last night, and fell in love all over again. Emmylou is an amazing woman, truly a giant and an inspiration in country music and as a person too. And her voice… oh my. WHAT A VOICE! So smooth yet powerful, utterly gorgeous.

Some of these tunes she wrote herself, and others are covers, but all of them are superb. The album contains her hit song Heartbreak Hill. Heaven Only Knows was used in the Sopranos’ 5th season. Another favourite of mine is A River For Him. What a song!

One wonders if the album’s title refers to the famous Bluebird Café in Nashville as well…

No matter, whenever I play this LP, I’m always surprised when the needle hits the end of a side – I’ve been floating along happily with her voice and the music, and haven’t noticed time has passed!

Here’s the layout of the tracks here:

Heaven Only Knows (Paul Kennerley)
You’ve Been On My Mind (Rodney Crowell)
Icy Blue Heart (John Hiatt)*
Love Is (McGarrigle Sisters)
No Regrets (Tom Rush, cover of the Walker Brothers version)
Lonely Street (Belew/Stevenson/Sowder, a hit for Kitty Wells)
Heartbreak Hill (Paul Kennerley and Emmylou Harris)
I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash/Roy Cash, Jr.)
A River For Him (Emmy Lou Harris)
If You Were A Bluebird (Butch Hancock)

On certain tracks, the album also features the McGarrigle sisters on background vocals and accordion, Bonnie Raitt on backing vocals*, and Marty Stuart on mandolin.

I love it!


6 thoughts on “Emmylou Harris – Bluebird

  1. J. says:

    I’m not all that familiar with this one, but I’m awfy fond of Emmylou – particularly her 70s output. A truly wonderful interpreter of songs, singer, songwriter, and, from what I’ve seen of her in interviews and suchlike, a remarkable woman. I saw her play a fair few years back (2007 I think) and she was just brilliant. Even made fun about the jive Wrecking Ball got when folks were asking for songs off that album.


  2. Uncle Meat says:

    Certainly a good guess that the title refers to the Bluebird Cafe. She was one of a number of staples that helped grow the legend of the venue. Good review …. I have only heard the Daniel Lanois-produced Wrecking Ball, as per her solo stuff. I adore her voice. I honestly “usually” prefer her as a back up singer though…. or atleast on duets. She just has a way of smoothing over anything she sings on.


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