Mail From Sarca!

I know, I know. I said you wouldn’t see me for a week, and here I am the very next fricking day. In truth, this wasn’t planned, except that at some point Mike and I were gonna collaborate on a post about the awesomeness of Sarca. He emailed me, asked if today would be a good day to fire it up and I said all you guys would roll your eyes and just say “haha the Dude can’t even last one day without blogging!” It looks that way, but really I was just waiting for Mike to do up his half of this posting. And don’t worry, after this, I’ll go back to waiting for Sunday. I promise!

So. Recently it was my birthday, and I received brilliance from Sarca by mail! I am most grateful for the goodness!

And check out Mike’s simultanteous post RIGHT HERE!

Mail From Sarca!

You may recall THIS POST on Sarca’s excellent site. If so, you’ll remember the coffee mug Sarca was showing off (there are great pictures of it, at that link). Well, in the mail, recently, I discovered she’d sent me my very own mug! Turned out, Sarca had extras and she so VERY thoughtfully sent me one! I love it. It is indeed a thing of beauty. 🙂

It’s from Casey’s restaurant, which is fun ‘cos I believe it’s been a very long time since I ate at a Casey’s. It also advertises Mother Parker’s Tea & Coffee, another throwback from a while ago! Best of all, it features hilarious (and a little wild) caricatures of Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, John Lee Hooker, and Mick Jagger!

Written on the mug, it has the caricatures saying “COFFEE (Stevie), TEA (Tina), ‘N’ (JLH), R&B (Mick). And across the bottom, it says “CASEY’S REALLY COOKING.” Fun times! I think my favourite is John Lee Hooker grunting at you… ‘N’. Indeed, Johnny, indeed!

Thanks heaps, Sarca! You rock!

I call this one “Birthday Cupface With Mick Lips.”

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