Canuck Politics

Yup, I’m breaking my routine of just posting on Sundays, this week. This oughta make Boppin happy!

Anyway, I could have waited for Sunday with this but the election cards came in the mail and Mike sent me a cool link (recently) after James sent me a cool link (a while back) and it just seems like I should do this now.

I try to stay out of politics on this site. The KMA is about the music! But we have an election approaching, here in Canada (GO VOTE, EVERYONE!) and a couple of new songs have been interesting…

Mike sent me the link to this new Blue Rodeo song. I don’t think they like our current Prime Minister.

And James, a little while ago, sent me the link to this Geoff Berner song. Haha Geoff Berner is so awesome. Take that, Adam Cohen! Hee hee.

If you were to just go by these two tracks, you’d say there’s a movement to get rid of our sitting Prime minister. I dunno if that’s true, you’d have to go look at current polling to see where the voters are at – there are still a lot of people who blindly (or maybe not so blindly) vote Conservative in this country.

But I have this worry… You see, I’m worried that if our current PM gets into office AGAIN, we’ll have more of this horror show:

Hooboy that was bad.

Seriously, go vote, everyone!

23 thoughts on “Canuck Politics

      1. 1537 says:

        (Makes Moose Power salute)

        I’d point out that I am supporting the Canadian rugby team at the Rugby World Cup this month, as my second team. That must get me two votes.


        1. keepsmealive says:

          (returns Moose Power salute, counters with Beaver Power tail waggle)*

          I dunno if rugby really counts, here. I mean, the canucks will take any support they can get, but rugby? Not as big over here as other things, like beavers.

          * if your mind was in the gutter when you read that, let me go get you a beer.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. keepsmealive says:

              Those beards are Awesome!

              Also, in that top pic, I think maybe the expressions on their faces are because they’re watching some Canadian girl traipsing about without her snowpants on. She’ll catch her death of a cold, the little tart, but the boys are lovin’ the view. Hahaha.

              Liked by 1 person

                    1. mikeladano says:

                      He didn’t get a head injury that I know of, his head was the size of a helmet! You can imagine the padding. He did wreck his knees though. When he was working with us, he had a knee surgery and was told he had to stop playing.

                      He also has a goat farm and makes amazing goat cheese, I shit you not. I know the most interesting people.

                      Liked by 1 person

  1. mikeladano says:

    There is absolutely a movement to oust Harper. One login on Facebook shows umpteen memes about scandals and strategic voting — “anything but Harper”.

    I will not be commenting whatsoever on my vote.

    However I do like the new BR. It reminds me of their more political songs from the past — “Stop stealing the Indian land,” stuff like that. Good tune.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah, I won’t say anything about my specific vote either, but I know I’ll be exercising my right. It’s probably fairly obvious who I won’t vote for, though. Ha.

      One of the comments under the BR song said something about it being a shame that an aging band had to make a political song to make themselves relevant again, and I thought this person hasn’t heard much BR. Not that they’re political all the time, but you’re right, this ain’t their first rodeo. Ah well.


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